Wednesday, September 27, 2006

while I'm on the subject

In South Africa, middle class people have access to very cheap [black] labour. Obviously this isn't good for the labouring people but with a 40% (yes you read that right 4-0 per cent) unemployment rate, they can't raise the minimum wage without increasing unemployment. So most middle class people have a maid, for at least half a day a week, and the people I met usually also have a gardener come for a few hours a week or so. I believe that anyone with young kids often has a live-in nanny. Or at least Sugar Daddy grew up with a second mother, as he describes his first nanny. Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked.

What I wanted to post was an anecdote Sugar Daddy's aunt told us. Apparently there is a group of hard-core, racist Afrikaaners who are very unhappy with the way things have gone in the country over the last decade and a half. So they have set up a whites-only community somewhere in the desolate landscape that is getting up near Botswana (I can't remember the name of the region and I always sucked at geography). The government isn't doing anything about it, figuring if they want to keep themselves to themselves, go ahead. They wouldn't contribute anything to the populated areas of the rainbow nation anyways. But Sugar Daddy's aunt pointed out that because they won't allow blacks in (not that any would want to live there anyways) they have to do all their own labour, "And that just isn't South African at all." I had to laugh.

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