Thursday, September 14, 2006

Technorati Sucks

Can someone please tell me why joining Technorati is a good thing? As far as I can tell, Technorati sucks.

I find adding their tags a pain in the ass. Is there an easier way than copying the link from technorati and adding in your tag? Every time I post, I duly go to technorati and 'ping' them. (Who came up with that word anyways? I went to school with a boy named Ping.) And every time, it says it's been one more day than yesterday since my blog was updated. Now I'm up to 20 days since I last posted on my blog, according to technorati. Obviously this is wrong. Is it just because my blog has no readers that Technorati can't be bothered to actually check my blog for new content the way they say they will?

If anyone comes across this and can help, please comment.



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