Friday, September 22, 2006

Favourite TV Characters of All Time

Inspired by the Life of Pie, I have decided to make my own list of favourite tv characters in a somewhat chronological order.

  1. Caitlyn from the original Degrassi series: my first exposure to a young person, pretty much the same age as I was, with a social conscience, a disability (epilepsy), and the ability to see underneath Joey Jeremiah's smartass hat.
  2. Bull from Night Court: cute, tall and only spoke when he had something worth saying. The perfect man?
  3. Lilith from Cheers and Frasier: my first exposure to an ice queen (outside of a Robert Palmer video) and to the concept of trying to make a baby more intelligent with flash cards and other stimulation.
  4. Frat Boys Drew and Kevin from Season 1 of Amazing Race. Favourite quote: "Swing, Fat Boy, Swing!" And I love the new image of frat boys they brought to the world: chubby, bald, funny and generally nice.
  5. Oswald and Danny from Season 2 of Amazing Race. I love that they started going to all the best hotels for information, and generally living it up once they thought they were going to be eliminated, and still made it through a couple more legs.
  6. Ed from Ed. Blue eyes, quirky, lawyer and bowling alley owner... irresistable.
  7. Abby from ER. I don't know how best to describe her but I like her a lot. No spoilers please - I haven't watched last night's season premiere yet but I imagine they won't let Abby become a mother.
  8. House from House. It's already been said on other lists so I don't need to add more.
  9. Yang from Grey's Anatomy. Also on many lists but I love Sandra Oh and that she's Canadian. No spoilers please - I also haven't watched last night's season premiere because I'm new to Grey's Anatomy and still have half of last season to get through.
Well I guess that's it. Not quite 10 but kind of more than 10. Not sure if reality show contestants can really count but given the number of reality shows I thought it only representative to include some.


kittenpie said...

Ha, I went to high school with the girl who played Caitlyn...

And yeah, I love Abbs. A mother, though? What?

Ooh, forgot Tom Kavanagh. I loved him back when he was doing ads for Blue. Prrrr.

cinnamon gurl said...

Yeah, she was pregnant at the end of last season but passed out started bleeding right at the end. I have now watched this season's premiere and indeed, the baby is in NICU and Abby had to have a c-section followed by a hysterectomy because she hemorrhaged big time. This was a hard scene for me to watch because of my own c-section and my son's distress.