Sunday, September 24, 2006

Big D's Birthday Party

Last night all three of us went to Big D's birthday party. I wasn't really looking forward to going because I've been really tired (due to Ezra's many nightwakings) and I thought it might just disrupt the semblance of a routine we have with Ezra. I should have known though. Ezra loves parties. And as long as there are new people around to charm, he will stay awake and happy until all hours. We were only planning to stay for an hour or two but we were enjoying ourselves so much we ended up staying until 11:30.

Big D's roommate B made Big D his very own special paper crown and he was crowned early in the evening and given his scepter/wand. We were all duly crowned as well for the occasion. After the fondue dinner, Big D decreed that there would be performances. And this is when it got cool... it was such a talented group of people. First I belly danced, but I learned that I'm not really cut out for improv. Then a woman tap danced, decked out with white gloves and top hat. B and a friend did a little skit and played violins. C gave Big D a tarot card reading. At this point, it was 11:30 so we missed the performances of a few people because although Ezra was happy and laughing and smiling still, I knew he was beyond tired and we should really get him to bed.

We also enjoyed giving Big D our birthday gift: a bottle of chateau-neuf-du-pape. This was a revelation for me because I have never spent more than $14 on a bottle of wine but Big D is a huge francophile and generally a fan of the finer things in life when he can afford them. He was very pleased and put it aside for a special occasion.

Of course it is always nice to show Ezra off. Especially when he's in top form and doesn't even approach a whimper or grump.

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