Friday, September 22, 2006

Amazing Thing

Today Ezra did an amazing thing. We were out for a walk in the park with two other mums and babes and Ezra started to fuss a bit. I thought he might be a bit cool so I put a blanket on him. When I look at him next he has lifted the blanket so it covers his whole face. I said, "Where's Ezra? I can't see him anywhere..." and he quickly pulled the blanket down, whereupon I exclaimed, "Peekaboo!" He smiled and laughed. And did it again. Man, that kid is a genius. And just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, that he intended to instigate and star in this game of peekaboo, I gave him a blanket this evening. Not only did he play the game a few times but he grabbed my hands and I eventually figured out that he wanted me to hide. He loved it when I pulled the blanket down. Peekaboo!


bubandpie said...

I love that growing awareness of the outside world. It never fails to be startling. And wonderful.

mad_hatter said...

What a talented child! I wish you many joyous hours of peekaboo over the upcoming months.