Friday, September 15, 2006

Other People's Blogs

It's been a while since I've blogged about other blogs. I've moved on from the British blog obsession.

Yesterday when I searched for "attachment parenting" one of the blogs that came up was Under the Mad Hat. She is not an attachment parent but, as she says, she has an attachment child. Perhaps something like ours. She's a great writer and I like what I've read.

I was looking for a blog by someone like us, an accidental attachment parent that isn't all activist or judgmental but just trying to get by. I found Cranky Mama but haven't fully explored her blog so I'm still deciding on her.

And one I discovered a while ago through the British blogs is L'Eggs Up and Laughing in Australia. She is also a fantastic writer; a playwright apparently and you can see why. So far I've pretty much only seen beautiful posts from her.

I am starting to feel discouraged about my own blog, reading these other great blogs. Also because I am the only person visiting my blog. But I suppose this is appropriate and just forces me to keep sight of why I am blogging. Because I like it. And someday soon I will want to remember what I was thinking about when Ezra was a baby.


mad_hatter said...

Thanks for your kind words and please keep blogging. I've been doing it for six months and have very few readers. I sometimes wish there was more conversation and less monologue to this blogging thing but I do think it so important to write about all the mixed-up joys and sorrows of the fantastic ride called parenting.

Also, have you checked out There's a brand new blog there maintained by Her Bad Mother ( It promises to bring the Canadian mommy blogging community together. I've read quite a bit of Her Bad Mother and if anyone can do it, it's this woman. Check it out and keep on blogging.

Urban Chick said...

i'm forever reading blogs and thinking how much my own pales in comparison

this usually leads to me not posting for a little while and then eventually thinking to myself: what the hell! and getting back to posting

(made it over here via slap of the day, btw!)