Monday, September 04, 2006

Survivor Apartheid?

I've just read that the new Survivor, starting on Sept. 14, will divide contestants along lines of race. I'm still in shock, and I guess this is what they're going for. As Jeff Probst points out, the show is a social experiment, and I used to find the whole premise distasteful before I got hooked about three or four seasons ago (it is an awful lot like crack that way; well, not that I've smoked crack but...). So is it so shocking that the show is doing something even more distasteful? Well, I think they may have crossed the line from distasteful to just plain wrong.

In other news, that post's main concern was that South Africa has made its own Survivor. This I would like to see. I wonder how I can get it?

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Anonymous said...

But the question is.....did you watch it?