Friday, September 22, 2006

film adaptations of books

Metro Mama mentioned film adaptatations from books that she loved (I think she loved both the films and the books) and asked for others. I couldn't think of any but I thought of a few film adaptations that I hated, and which caused me to rage at the screen. As a result I usually avoid reading the book first.

The Power of One - Loved, loved loved the book by Bryce Courtenay though I was 13 and haven't reread it since so it could be really cheesy. Hated the film because they added a romance that didn't happen in the book.

Circle of Friends - yeah, it's a book by - oh crap, can't remember her name and CBATG - that Irish woman, and not great litracha but I liked the story a lot. And I loved that the main girl told the guy to piss off when he cheated on her. But in the movie she took him back, totally negating the beauty of the original story: a fat girl who gets the hot guy but who maintains her dignity when he cheats on her and tells him to shove it.

Ok, so that's all I can think of now...

Aha! Maeve Binchy!

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metro mama said...

I have to think about this one...I know there are several, they're just not coming to mind right now!

I didn't see Circle of Friends.