Tuesday, September 05, 2006

10 Things about this weekend

1. We went back to school shopping for the whole family even though we haven't been in school for years.
2. Regular stores only carry women's jeans up to size 32 or sometimes 34.
3. Men's sizes go bigger, at least to 36 (Dave's size), probably more like 40.
4. Dave's lost weight since Ezra was born.
5. I've found it.
6. I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of cords at a plus-size store (they call them encore sizes?) that fit and look nice.
7. Dave bought a nice pair of jeans too.
8. We bought a cute pair of green cords for Ezra and some diaper shirts on sale.
9. Ezra cut another tooth.
10. I think Ezra's sick; he had a mild fever last night and has a rash. I feel guilty because we went to a bbq with other babies before I clued into him being sick. I thought it was teething.

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