Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, unfortunately yesterday didn't get much better. Sugar Daddy and I are both sick, Swee'pea woke up crying several times in the night and wouldn't really settle, until Sugar Daddy and I were wide awake and couldn't get back to sleep while Swee'pea finally snored oblivious, and we started the morning off with a lovely argument. After I posted, our Internet connection crapped out. Completely. So instead of spending the day doing the million and one other things we needed to do, like grocery shopping, we spent it trying to resurrect the connection. Nothing worked. Not even driving half an hour each way to have the modem tested at the offices of our ISP. Not even plugging in our old dinosaur of a computer. And it seems our ISP is out of ideas. So I'm at the public library where they only allow you 45 minutes per day on the web. And the time is ticking away in a little window at the bottom of the screen. I've checked email so I'm at 36 minutes after deleting like 53 million spam messages. Aarghh!

Yesterday also opened my eyes to the fact that I have a bit of a blogging problem. I haven't had the shakes like that since my hungover university days. Coming to the library has relieved some of the jonesing but my time is ticking away and that stresses me out. I really hope our ISP will make a house call and fix the connection. We chose to go with a local independent company because we wanted to support a local independent company so they better come through for us. Otherwise we're switching.

Anyhow, one thing we did accomplish was finally taking the new set of dishes I bought when the spider scared me out of the house. They've been sitting in their box since then, a full month. So we put away our old mish mash of plates donated by family members and washed the new, generously proportioned ones. I'm not a big fan of generously proportioned dinner plates but I love generously proportioned bowls and mugs so what can you do? And I love the pumpkin colour, which I mixed with the oatmeal colour.

Apparently, Sugar Daddy and I are lazy freaks, bringing procrastination to a new level. You see, we just don't bother putting the roll of toilet paper on the holder, unless company is coming, and even then it depends on the company. To me, it's like making the bed. Why bother when you'll just have to do it all over again? But I think I discovered a solution this weekend. I think something like this could help, because it would pretty much just take the same amount of effort to put the roll back on the counter as it would to slip it onto this holder.

In other stupid news, I made an appointment for Swee'pea's nine-month checkup like a month ago. For the last month I have been periodically chanting in my mind, "November 6, November 6, can't forget November 6." Well I couldn't remember what time it was for so I called the doctor as soon as their office opened this morning. Apparently our appointment is for tomorrow morning. I'm so glad I called instead of just showing up at what I thought was the correct time.

Oh dear, only 15 minutes left. I think perhaps I will publish. Sorry I can't make it around to many blogs today... Like the Littlest Hobo, "Maybe tomorrow...."(we caught some of it yesterday morning... I used to love that show. But there was some really really bad acting on it. And pretty cheesy storylines.


Mad Hatter said...

We have one of those easy-peasy toilet roll holders like the one you link to here and my husband still leaves the roll on the floor more often than not. For crying out loud, it is easier to hang the roll on the holder than to set it on the floor but somehow doing so defeats him.

He will also never ever throw out the used roll. As an "environmentalist", he thinks it should be put in the gray bin rather than the trash can two feet away but then he never actually takes the bloody thing to the gray bin. I usually let 5 old rolls clutter the bathroom floor in an effort to smoke him out and then give up in despair and haul the things away myself.

In the end, I figure if this is what bothers me about my marriage I am a very fortunate woman indeed.

Oh and I am an over-roller hands down.

Mad Hatter said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that I am so happy the problem is your ISP. When Sin says she is having a bad day and then doesn't post for 24 hours in the month of November, her loyal followers start to fret. I hope the wires (wirelesses?) are feeling better soon.

Beck said...

WE have a simple toilet paper holder, too. Let me recommend it! And the baby thinks it's great fun to load the toilet paper holder overandoverandover again, so it's probably highly educational.

Sorry you're sick. It's going around - I'm feeling mildly carbonated myself right now, but I hope that it will pass me over.

Aliki2006 said...

We have that toilet paper roll holder and I LOVE it. We're both too lazy to put a new one back, so this one works like a charm for us.

jen said...

cin...feel better sweets. really.

cinnamon gurl said...

Well, it seems the problem isn't the ISP, it's our computer or the phone line. So the computer is in the shop today and I hope it will be fixed tonight. We shall see... AND i thought it would be helpful to type what I wanted to post at home, save it on a disk and just post it at the library. But apparently they have computers that take disks but don't connect to the Internet, and computers that connect to the Internet but don't take disks but none that do both. Ugh.

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh - and aliki2006: I am SO glad to know we're not the only ones.