Friday, November 10, 2006

Fave Grey's Anatomy Quote from last night

A couple of things first... the pregnant woman, she looked a bit like Tessa Campanelli from Degrassi High. Whatever happened to her? I've seen some actors that remind me of her but I can't remember on what.

Mostly I thought last night's episode was not great (things like "You mean I could die?" and "You have to say it..." I thought those scenes were lame) and the fight was just plain stupid. And I really can't buy Burke in hipwaders: I've seen his apartment. And Meredith nearly buying McSteamy's crap? Can she get any stupider?

But the best quote was still pretty good:

Yang: That should be me. That should be my guy. I should be turning a penis into a vagina. That should be MY penis!

I love Yang.


Beck said...

Yang is the best. Grey, however, is a frickin' moron.
Remember when Joey cheated on Caitlin with Tessa? And then Tessa got pregnant? Drama! Apparently, she's a teacher in Toronto now (I looked that up for you.).

cinnamon gurl said...

Ooh, thanks, Beck. And I HATED Tessa with her snub nose and scheming. Stupid Joey!

My friend just confessed to me last night that she NEVER watched Degrassi! And she loves teen dramas. I couldn't believe it...

penelopeto said...

oh beck, i totally forgot that tessa got pregnant! i remember how excited i was that caitlin was the first person to ever say 'fuck' (well, it was 'fucked') on a canadian tv show.

but cinn - i kinda liked the fight on grey's, because i think karev is h-to the o-t. even if it was a girly, slap fight. and i cried when the baby died. i thought maybe she was the woman that played the birth mother of chandler and monica's baby on friends.

Lisa b said...

true true true that was the BEST line
but the ridiculousness of the boys camping made me laugh like no other episode.
each scene in the woods was more far fetched than the last. Seriously I almost died laughing when they said "slap fight"