Saturday, November 25, 2006

Never Before Seen on TV

The Stairmaster

The Stairmaster

One small step for a baby; One giant leap for his parents...

(Note anxious, hovering, parental hand.)

(I've already mentioned that we live in a mostly unfixed-up fixer upper, right? So please just don't mention the evidence of it in this photo.)

The Clapper

The Clapper II

Now that he has learned how to clap, Swee'pea claps most when he eats. Last night he even clapped my breast while nursing in bed. He was supposed to be falling asleep.

The Ever Elusive Downward Dog

The Elusive Downward Dog

(My one and only photo of this maneuver. He's stopped doing this as much now that he's discovered the stairs.)

Zebra at the Zoo

Zebra at the Zoo

The baby zebra turns his back on the crowd to chew the bars of his cage.

Other Amazing Feats of Cuteness
, not yet photographed:

The High Five: Although he occasionally leaves me hanging, this preceded The Clapper. It caused many hysterical giggles last week.

The Black Power Salute: Began shortly after his introduction to the High Five; I wonder if it is a precursor to pointing?

Ah-Boo: I swear I hear him saying variations of Ah-Boo or Bah-Boo, or BabaBoo, when he plays peekaboo, or variations of peekaboo, like when he pulled a baby girl's toque down over her eyes. Also this week, his usual ba ba has changed when he's holding or playing with balls. It's become longer, more like bow or baww, and he doesn't double the syllable. How does one ever record a child's first word when you can't be sure of the first utterances?



The boy has been chewing on his fingers and especially his thumb all week. Well, really all his life. And last week he was quite grumpy, crying every time I put him in his high chair or the jolly jumper or the crib when I needed to go to the bathroom. This week brought a marked change in his mood, and we welcomed back his usual happy self. Yesterday I noticed that one of the teeth that has been bulging his gum white -- for weeks!! -- finally broke through! I'd so given up on it ever happening that I stopped checking his mouth. I'll mark it in his calendar as coming in yesterday but between you and me I secretly suspect it broke through earlier in the week. I guess we'll never really know.

Light in his Eyes


Mad Hatter said...

Whoa, that black and white photo is stunning!! All the photos are great but the b&w is breath-taking.

Well, what a very talented Swee'pea indeed. As for recording the first word, if Swee'pea is anything like Miss M it will be plain as day. She just up and said "Fish" clear as a bell--quite distinct from all the syllable sounds.

Oh and I'll bet you the downward dog comes back. Miss M has started doing it all the time this fall. I think she does it to taunt me b/c I am soooo bad at it and cringe every time I am asked to do it in a yoga class. Each time she does it she announces, "I'm upside-dowwwn!!!"

Beck said...

Beautiful, beautiful black and white photo!
Stairs. Ack. My little one - who is much older than yours - is only now mastering crawling up our stairs. So he's advanced.
I live in a fixer-upper too. Your stairs look waaaaay better than mine.

Em said...

Gorgeous pic - esp. the b&w one! JJ did the downward dog for ages before she crawled (there's even a pic on my blog somewhere...) Tis very cute!

cinnamon gurl said...

Beck, he's not walking at all. Just somehow he figured out how to go up a step. Our stairs have a slightly smaller rise than most other stairs I've seen.