Monday, November 27, 2006


I am grumpy. Not really sure why. My mom phoned tonight, and Sugar Daddy answered the phone. Apparently he mentioned that I was tired, which she mentioned when I got on the phone.

Me: "Yeah, I'm just tired and grumpy. That's all."

"Have you had a period recently?"

ACK!@%^&$! My head explodes with flashing lights and sirens from my teen years.

She says period with too much emphasis on the first syllable. Now I realize it's also the second syllable that she puts too much emphasis on too. PEEEREEEod. Maybe she just puts too much emphasis on the whole damn word.

Immediately I am seized with teenage revulsion at the way she pronounces the word. I regress to the old teenage shock-horror that she would even discuss such things with me.

I regress to teenage lying and attitude: "No! Ewww, Mom I hate the way you say the word. Shut up! Just, don't even say that word. Ewww."

She said a bit more on the subject, at which I continued to snivel and shudder, and finally she stopped. We moved on to other subjects. But maybe she was onto something... who knows? I just found it weird how possessed I was by teenage me. I mean, the woman helped me in labour. I wanted her to help me. She was the one who took me to the bathroom when I was in labour!

While I'm on the subject of things that make me go Ewwwww! last night Swee'pea and I went to bed while Sugar Daddy had a shower. Swee'pea nursed for a bit, and I hoped he would fall asleep. But, no. No sleeping for Swee'pea as usual. Instead he crawled all over me and the bed, standing up against the wall, leaning over me trying to get out of bed, head butting me, etc. He fiddled with his soother in his mouth, and I guess he spit up. He suddenly flicked the soother, and -- something happened.

First, I realized there was something wet in my mouth that wasn't there just seconds before. Next I registered a slightly sweet taste in my mouth. Then wetness around my face and neck and hair. Slowly, I realized he'd puked on me. Not just on me but. in. my. mouth. While I was still reeling trying to figure out what to do next, he bit my arm, pretty much exactly where the wasp stung me like two months ago, where my arm still has a red spot and wider discolouration. And since he has a new tooth up top to pinch against the bottom two, it really hurt! Talk about insult and injury.


Em said...

There's something about mothers and daughters isn't there?! My mum can set me off with an ill-placed word too... and yet she's the person I turn to whenever I need support. Funny, complex stuff.

Momish said...

Ok, that is definately Ewww worthy indeed! As for moms... yeah, exactly like that. Can set you off with just one word!

nomotherearth said...

Wow, I had something to say about moms and periods, but I got totally side-tracked by the puke. Ugh! I got puked on twice (two times!) before 8am yesterday. But thank goodness it wasn't in my mouth. I guess I should be grateful for the little things, huh?

Mad Hatter said...

And tell me, Sin, just how does regurgitated breast milk taste?

BTW, I saw over at Kitten Pie's that you learned I was a red head. I have seen your picture. I am not a spectacular red head like you. I come from a long line of spectacular red heads--my mother and both my uncles and their aunts and uncles and so on. Me, I'm an almost near-miss as a red head. Most people call me a red head but I know in my heart that that's only partially true.

Beck said...

Ah, the ol' baby barf in the mouth routine, the sort of thing that would likely have killed me, pre-parenthood. Mothering makes us stronger. And dirtier. And more bruised.
My mother - who pretty much lives in my house - is constantly on me about my when my period is due because she lives in utter terror of me getting pregnant again. Poor mom.

jen said...

talk about no love in the world....geez...

but yes, i am with mad, what did it taste like?

baby powder and delight?

cinnamon gurl said...

Ok, Mad and Jen... you asked for it.

Luckily he had just nursed so it was pretty fresh... and mostly just tasted like breastmilk (yes I have tasted it... who wouldn't if given the opportunity?), kinda sweet. But I didn't roll it around on my tongue for any longer than necessary. It's no fine wine. ;)

Penny said...

My Mom says "time of the month".. ick.. icky icky icky.. like the time I heard her say 'screw' as in bumpin'uglies.. gross, gross, gross..

You know what she did when I got my first peereeod? She bought me a cake and my father, mother and oblivious younger brother celebrated my 'becoming a woman' at twelve in the kitchen.

Why are Moms so disgusting?

Like I really need to hear again, how I breast fed, either, or how many sh*tty diapers I had.

But, the period stuff. As soon as my Mom showed my bathroom cupboard full of tampons, I was finished having these conversations with her. I read Dear-God-Its-Me-Margaret.. good enough.


I'm with you.

ewe are here said...

Eeeew. Ick.

Cringing for you over here.

Her Bad Mother said...

WB puked in my mouth once. It was a highpoint, for sure. Somewhere between me needing to suck snot out of her nose and the tub dump.