Wednesday, November 29, 2006

nablopomo'd out

I think nablopome has finally blogged me out. Or maybe it's just real life rearing its ugly, nuisance-filled, annoying head. Between flickr and blogger, for the last few weeks, I've been totally submerged in the virtual world. Well, in between dips into puke, squirmy, rodeo-event diaper changes, and walking Swee'pea to sleep over cheerio-strewn floors, of course.

Annoyance #1:

The tv. I believe the situation is dire. It's crapping out more often now, and worse, it no longer responds reliably to our attempts at resuscitation (smacking it hard). Last week it crapped out during Grey's Anatomy, but I spoke to it sternly that this was not the time or the place, smacked it, and it came back to life. But now it's crapped out during Amazing Race and House, cutting out big chunks of the shows. I think we really need to get a new used one.

Annoyance #2:

The oven. Last week as I was preparing vegetarian lasagne, I discovered that the oven was not preheating as I'd directed it to. It's a really really old gas stove, and there's a really really old timer with a really really old clock that doesn't work, and sometimes the timer gets stuck in automatic mode, which means that you can't actually turn the oven on. Even though we manged to push the teeny-tiny knob into manual position, it still didn't work. So I used the neighbour's oven, thank goodness, but still. I think we need a new used stove. If I were rich, I'd totally want this one:

Annoyance #3:

Daycare. Every time I think of a new way to google for an earthy, attachment sort of daycare provider, I now get my own blog. Which is kinda cool, but mostly not helpful at all. I did actually phone a couple of providers the other day, and one has space available and sounded fairly nice, but she would prefer not take a part-time baby, which is what I'm hoping for (hopefully I'll soon about that). I've already been through the listings at the Early Years website, and have written off almost all of the entries based on such criteria as: their address, whether they've undergone a criminal check, whether they describe nice activities in the extra box, and whether I like their name. Unfortunately, some made it through all those checks only for me to discover that they don't actually take children Swee'pea's age. Wah!

Annoyance #4:

Bills. On top of the regular bills that I haven't quite gotten around to paying because I have so many more interesting things to do, we've had two extra little notifications; one about an outstanding debt from Sugar Daddy's past we didn't know about, and another that his unused account is overdrawn because his gym membership started up again and has been withdrawing funds from an account with no income. (Plus there's the fact that our trip to SA will cost money and Sugar Daddy is having to take unpaid time off and my mat leave will be over but my vacation pay will probably be delayed, and we still haven't paid for the damn airconditioning we got last summer when my brain melted and it seemed like a smart thing to do.) Aarggh!

Annoyance #5:

I just noticed that my blog has been flagged for objectionable content. Which, on the one hand, doesn't surprise me. Some of my flashback fridays, and some other stuff, could definitely be objectionable. But on the other hand, does this mean that someone came to my blog, was shocked and horrified and offended, and flagged my blog? I feel bad if that's the case. I have always enjoyed surprising (shocking) people to some extent, but I don't enjoy offending people. On still another hand, (who knew I had three hands?) I have my handful of readers, and they (you) mustn't be too offended, otherwise you wouldn't come back, right? But still, I'm kind of surprised. I really think I've been fairly tame, compared to some other mommy bloggers I've seen (and enjoyed). Maybe it's just my language that bothers some people? Or maybe it's just an automatic blogger thing and I really don't need to get my knickers in a twist? But since I'm in a knicker-twisting mood, and I'm so good at it, I might as well...

Annoyance #6:

Ok, it's not exactly an annoyance, but it's stressing me out. I'm getting really nervous about our trip. We haven't really done much to prepare, but I don't think we really need to, since we'll be staying with family and playing things by ear. But thinking about the flight scares me, because I've got the double whammy of flying with Swee'pea while being scared of flying. Some people have told me that their anxiety isn't as bad when they have their kids to focus on, but what if it's worse, just for me? The last flight wasn't that bad, anxiety-wise. It was just gruelling.

But with Swee'pea, there are more practical considerations too. How will we feed him if he doesn't have his own seat? What if he wants to be walked back and forth to sleep and we're having turbulence and can't get out of the seat? Even now, my chest just stopped at the thought of being strapped into a seat with a squirming unhappy baby on me.


Beyond the flight, I worry about sleeping arrangements, because Sugar Daddy's father's guest bed is only a double, which will be rather a squeeze for the three of us. And if SD sleeps on a couch, Swee'pea will be more prone to falling out? Our mattress at home is on the floor, but we're going to put it back up to get Swee'pea used to being on a higher bed, and hopefully learning that he should not roll past the edge, and he has to get off it backwards. I also worry about the lack of baby proofing where we'll be staying and whether that will just be exhausting.

On a less practical level, I worry about what they will think of our parenting style, of the fact that I haven't lost the baby weight, etc. etc. Yeah, I know I don't really need to worry about these things. Sugar Daddy's family was SO nice last time, and we see them so rarely, I'm sure they won't bother with that kind of crap.


And yesterday, my friend said that I'm really brave for taking this trip. Which scared me. We're not brave intrepid people. We just want to share the amazingness of Swee'pea with his family.

On a happier note, I finally finished scanning my fave photos from the last trip and they're up at flickr. These three are my absolute favourites.

Girls at Elias Motsualedi Informal Settlement

PS: Apparently we're really famous because Swee'pea has been featured on another blog today. We spent a very enjoyable afternoon yesterday with Alecgator and his mom, and Swee'pea had a great time discovering new toys.


Mad Hatter said...

Your blog flagged for objectionable material? How in sam hell is that possible?

As for the flying. I am an anxious claustrophobic who lives far from family. I have flown with Miss M now a lot. It isn't necessarily easy but it is do-able. Do make sure that in all your lists of things to prepare, you remember to prepare yourself before you leave for the airport. I find that if I just make that conscious decision to grin and bear it, to take everything in stride, then I am less flummoxed (sp?) if things don't go as smoothly as I hoped.

BTW, November is all but over. You can still do NAP (whatever the fuck that acronym is) and then give yourself a break to slow down and take it easy.

Beck said...

I can't believe you got flagged for objectionable content! That's shocking!
My tv is dying a slow, lingering death, too. We asked my in-laws for a new one for Christmas, but not a Dursley-sized one. And now I want that STOVE!

cinnamon gurl said...

Oops, I think maybe it's just something to do with the blogger navbar. I don't think my blog has actually been flagged. Ok, that's good. Because I was upset about that. But then again, some belly dance on youtube was flagged, which I find silly and sad.

Beck, I KNOW! That stove rocks, eh?

Penny said...

OOOOooohhhh!!! ((sweetpea)).. What a gorgeous little pea she is, too! I love that confident pose and those intense beautiful eyes!

Here are some helful/annoying? suggestions for your annoyances..

1. Kill Your Television - annoyance gone. Just try it for a week or two and see what happens.. you'll be amazed.

2. My oven works, but I bubbled broiled-pork in fig sauce all over the bottom element (forgot to put in the tray) and will spend numerous hours scraping crusted crap off, since easy-off will kill you. No suggestion here, but requesting repetitiously a new stove instead for an anniversary present (I told my sig. other that I wanted a dishwasher in place of an engagement ring.. he laughed.. I was serious).

3. Daycare - if you are subsidized, check the hour requirements for obtaining subsidy, put her in full-time care but only drop her off enough to fill requirements (mine is 70% subsidized and I have to have her in 97 hours a month), if not, don't pay the full-time rate, perhaps look for a dayhome near you with a Mommy with just one or two others, who believes in the same things you do and pack a lunch for your sweetpea of your own making. I did that in Oee's early years and found a great place, six blocks from me, where Oee learned mandarin and ate organic foods.

4. I started up my online banking, so that I can pay bills from home.. every so often when I want to buy this or that, I think 'can I not buy it' and if I can get away with not, I spent the five dollars or so on one of my bills.. just a click.. just a few dollars.. no hassel.. my power bill (over the last five years) has accumulated a credit of nearly 5 hundred dollars from these petty transactions. Every bit helps.

5. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. Can you say the F-word in the blogosphere?

6. I am terrified of flying, too. And, heights. Oee loves to balloon ride which raises us about 2 and a half stories in the air, at the amusement park.. I just figure if I hold onto her, I'll be fine. lol. Also.. don't forget a soother or gum. I never used a soother or let Oee chew gum, but as the pressure increases in the little one's ears, the sucking will help the pain - screaming child on a plane is hard to endure - believe me.

I hope your trip goes well. You have my prayers.

Nice to read you, today. LOVE the pics!!

bubandpie said...

I've noticed that in beta when you swoop the mouse over the nav bar a yellow box comes up saying "flag this blog for objectionable content" or something like that, and then it doens't go away until you exit the page.

Is that what gave you the false alarm? I thought maybe someone got offended by the boobs on the sidebar!

cinnamon gurl said...

The little box say you have flagged this for objectionable content. But when I went to other beta blogs, it said the same thing. So then I just clicked it and it went back to flag this for objectionable content.

And I forgot about the boobs on the sidebar. I guess I should say that it's not that I enjoy shocking people but challenging them to question what they think is acceptable. I put those boobs up in exactly that spirit.

Penny, thanks for the advice. I will make sure to get a self-cleaning oven. But I don't think I can kill my television no matter how much I love the song. ;)

Julie Pippert said...

Someone might have flagged you accidentally. On beta it pops up right next to Next blogger...I almost accidentally flagged myself (do I mean flogged? LOL).

I was wondering about your daycare situation...I've been down (no joke! Must blog an update soon!) for a FULL WEEK ARGH!!!!!!

Sorry about the technical failures. I hate that. Dealing with it here too...

The big one is my livelihood...

Great update.

Aliki2006 said...

Well, it seems the "flagged" problem isn't one--I wasn't getting worked up about that because I can't see why anyone would do that.

We flew across the Atlantic with Liam when he was 13 months old. On the way there my husband was around; on the way back it was just me. Not to freak you out, but it was pretty bad. I was ill-preprared though and the flight attendants were rude. You'll be fine!

I love that oven! The house we're moving into has a crappy old, yucky over (and dishwasher) that we're going to have to replace--I wish we could afford that retro one, too!

Em said...

Don't be scared by your trip ... be a little prepared and I can guarantee you will be SO GLAD you went. I'm jealous :)

jen said...

flagged for what? jesus.

i mean, what?

i think you are going to have the BEST time on your trip and I cannot WAIT to hear all about it.

Brave - motherhood is brave sister.

penelopeto said...

1) gorgeous photos
2) freakin awesome stove (there is a matching stove that we drool over too)
3) getting flagged would be cool. i thought it was maybe the boobs.

cinnamon gurl said...

aliki2006, what could have done differently to prepare better?

Em, thanks for the pep talk.

Penelopeto, Welcome Back!!