Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mittens are the new shoes (or handbags)

Last night, I went out for an alcoholic beverage with some friends, sans Swee'pea or Sugar Daddy, to celebrate Duff's birthday. I call him Duff because he's a total Homer. And proud of it.

It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I wore my rainbow shootin' mitts, because I didn't have time to put the string through my coat. And while I was out I discovered something magical:

My money pouch TOTALLY matches the rainbow shootin' mitts.

After my university years reverie, walking downtown, at night, by myself, to a bar, for alcohol, with friends, was a real memory trip. And it didn't end there... my friend was drinking gin martinis and I mentioned that when I was in high school, I used to drink gin while soaking in my parents' Victorian clawfoot tub. On Thursday nights my parents both had things they did, so I got my friend with the fake ID to by me a mickey of gin and I drank it, often in the tub (Gawd, I hope my parents don't read this. If you do, Mom, just don't mention it. Just don't bother). It was fun. Of course my friends last night were all, "Ooh that's so hardcore." But it really wasn't, and it was probably only a handful of times.

Anyways, Duff, because he's so Homer, was all like, "I wish I'd known you in high school," slightly lasciviously but ultimately harmless, the way he likes to in front of his wife.

I laughed. "No, you'd like to have known me in university."

And Banana's husband, hmmm what to call him... well I'll have to come up with that later. Anyways, he pointed out that the university me sounds completely different from the now me. And he has a hard time imagining me doing the things that I tell them about. Which I thought was rather apropos given my post yesterday... which neither he nor Banana read.

So. Banana's husband... I'd really like to give him his own name because he's a pretty neat person. He's got all the charm of a total geek and passion for geeky things like the Matrix, and history and stuff (so he gets along great with Sugar Daddy and was our best man), but with really great social and conversational skills. And he's pretty attentive about keeping Banana's glass filled with wine. As a teenager he planned to be a priest, and climbed tall buildings for fun. I can't remember exactly how but he did. I think he even got busted for it once. So I really want to give him his own name... ah well, my mind is a blank. It's a lot of pressure, this naming business. And I feel like I failed poor Banana in her name. Maybe I'll just ask him the next time I see him.

Anyways, there were many funny moments during the few hours I was out:

Duff got a bl*w job for his birthday (the shooter, you perv). But he refused to drink it in the traditional way with his hands behind his back. He was scared it'd end up all over his shirt... Well I suppose it is a risk.

And Banana's husband said a number of things that cracked me up.

First, "I thought of you today. I was at Pond's and a woman walked in with red hair and two different shoes."

Banana corrected him: It's socks, dear. Cinnamon gurl wears mismatched socks, not shoes.

Then, when I ordered curry and chips with mild sauce, the curry sauce turned out crazy hot. I thought maybe I was on crack and just being a wimp but several people at the table confirmed it was hot as hell when smoke came out their ears.

More gems from Banana's husband resulted: "Ooh, Swee'pea is gonna get some spice-ay milk tonight... ohhh yeeeah."

Then: "Sugar Daddy has a hot tongue, doesn't he?"

Me: "Er, well yes he does... he also really likes hot spicy food, so I'll bring the curry and chips home for him."

My friend, who I'll call Wild One, because she totally is, told us about her brother's wedding early in October. I won't go into the details but she woke up in a hotel room in a hotel she didn't know about, with two groomsmen on one side of her on the king-size bed, and the three other groomsmen on the other side (all fully clothed in last night's finery, with even their shoes still on). How sweet is that? Still drunk at 7:30 am, she made her way to the front desk to ask her way back to the hotel where her family was, apparently a 20-minute drive but she decided to walk it, still wearing her fancy dress and shoes, still drunk, with transports driving past and honking at her. I'd have loved to see her walking down the street.

* * *

This morning, Sugar Daddy turned on the Asian channel, because it helps him with his Chinese (Mandarin I think) lessons. Today a man called Mustapha Koc was speaking. Too funny! Geddit?

And I put my green mittens in my coat to go to the Farmer's Market. And I LOVE having my mittens on a string!! It is SO handy (hee hee).

And one final random tidbit. Sugar Daddy loves music and is great at keeping me somewhat current. The other night he was playing some stuff on the computer and one song really got my attention.

"What is that?!?" I asked excitedly.

"The Gorillaz."

"That song is hot!" (Well mostly it's the first 30 seconds, but play this video and see if it doesn't make you wanna get some.) Boy, this blog has gotten kinda dirty lately. How did that happen?

ps: I know no one really cares but with all the talk of my former boozehound status I feel the need to clarify that I only had one *really* nice glass of riesling last night. I would have loved to have another one but I didn't figured Swee'pea would want to nurse as soon as I got home.


Beck said...

Here is a sad, sad thing - my husband and I have no couple friends, largely because of the hillbilly-esque nature of our surroundings. I know lots of great women, but their husbands are invariably somewhat diseased and hideous.
And I'm GLAD that you like your shooting mitts.

cinnamon gurl said...

That's too bad... I always feel a bit awkward around my girlfriends if I think their huz is a knob or hideous or diseased... like I can never be frank.

And the other 4 of you who read this... Seriously?? Am I the only one who finds that song hot? Or Mustapha Koc funny?