Sunday, November 26, 2006


From Sugar Daddy:

To me, partly kidding, "Looking at your photos makes me think we live in a real dump, that maybe we should move."

To me, deadly serious, about what I was feeding Swee'pea, "I don't believe in mixing yogurt with oatmeal."

"Ha, like it's a religion?"

"Yeah. It's just like that commercial... do you really want to expose your children to vanilla and yogurt, together??"

To Swee'pea, "You're getting sleeepeee... your eyelids are getting heavy... there are bags of potatoes hanging on your eyelids."

My response: "You just wanna get on my blog, don't you?"

Overheard on the Street:

Guy 1, driving into the next driveway and getting out of his car: So how do you like the new gym?

Guy 2, raking leaves: I love it. I'm going five times a week.

Guy 1: Heh heh, lots of eye candy, eh?

mumble mumble

Guy 1: So have you bought a lawnmower yet?

Guy 2: No.

Guy 1: You should buy a Lawnboy or [some other brand]. And you should buy an attachment that sucks leaves and twigs up as you mow.

I'm just glad Guy 1 isn't my neighbour.


Woman, with no hint of a smile or irony: There oughta be a law. There oughta be a law that everyone has to decorate their houses for Christmas.

I think that's why they separated church and state. WTF???

On TV:

Dolly Parton in a news story about the work she is doing for children's literacy: If I see something is sagging, dragging or bagging, I'm gonna get it nipped, tucked or sucked. I figure if there's a little bit of magic in me it's that I look totally artificial.

And later in the interview: I always figured that God didn't let me have my own children so that everybody's children could be mine.


jen said...

i so love the slices of Sin's life...i think Sugar Daddy should get a guest spot....

Penny said...

bags of potatoes? lol! I love it!

Beck said...

You know what's better than yogurt and oatmeal together? Yogurt with crumbled up graham crackers. Yum.
I love Dolly Parton.

cinnamon gurl said...

Jen, I would love to have SD guest post... he's a great writer. But we'll have to see...

Beck, it was weird because SD regularly eats muesli and yogurt. Yogurt and graham crackers is probably a bit like cheesecake. Sounds good.