Wednesday, November 01, 2006

dutch loco

I don't know why that title rings so nicely in my ears, except maybe because there is a deli here in Guelph called the Dutch Toko, and there is a large, like 5-bedroom apartment above it, which used to be home to a group of guys (all good-looking) who had raging great keg parties years ago, back when I was single and young and stupid. And their toilet almost always backed up at the keg parties, and I think once maybe it even did some permanent damage to the building. Mmm, those were some fun times. Ok, must pull myself away from foggy reverie, back to this post.

The other day, on Halloween, I went totally dutch loco. Yep, I decided that even though I don't have my fancy schmancy 30th birthday present digital SLR yet, I could make do with our crappy compact digital thing. I mentioned before, the effect that blogging has had on my senses, and for the last few days I've been dying to have more control over a camera (without the nuisance of film and processing and all that) to make the pictures I'm seeing all over the place. I was also partly inspired by watching Born Into Brothels this weekend, because those kids didn't get fancy cameras and they made some beautiful images. So I just gave in and went for a walk with the crappy compact.

After, I got a flickr account (notice the fancy schmancy thingie over to the right?) and then I used up my monthly maximum free upload quota in like an hour. Yesterday I discovered, however, that their monthly maximums are based on the calendar month so I can upload some more when I get a chance. Regardless, I am sure I will soon be paying the annual $24.95 for more space. Anyways, here are some of the results.

Ok, so the stroller's kinda lame, and it was near impossible to get the stupid autofocus to focus on what I wanted (I think it worked in maybe two shots), and Swee'pea got sick of the star treatment (or should I say the garden gnome treatment like in Amelie?) before we made it to the really good graffiti (maybe today??) but still... here's my favourite, which for some reason looks like crap here:

You can check out my flickr account for more if you're interested.


Aliki2006 said...

I love the graffiti pics! I wish I could *find* some graffiti around this slightly boring, homogenous, so neat and cleaned-up area we live in...ugh. I'd have to really seek it out, but I love kid/graffiti combo!

Nancy said...

Cool pics! And this time I *am* referring to the stroller picture. ;-)

Beck said...

Excellent photos - I've never been to Guelph, can you believe it? And I LIVE IN ONTARIO. Moving on...

Our teeny weeny town is currently having a graffiti crime wave, with some unintentionally hilarious results. For one, the graffiti "artists" started spraying at their house... continued to their friend's house... and then to their place of employment. Criminal masterminds!