Friday, November 17, 2006

Fave GA Quote from Last Night

George to Yang: Why are you being modest? Modest looks weird on you."

I also loved it when Callie jumped in with her own favourite car with George's brothers. But because I don't do car speak, it sorta went over my head so I can't actually quote it. But Callie just keeps getting better... except for the nanny and 12 kids comment. That whole nanny/mothers with high-powered jobs was interesting. Not sure what else to say about that...

I like that George is growing up from his earlier 'fetus' and Bambi nicknames to be rather astute.

And Alex must be on crack to attempt a grand gesture and kiss so soon after Denny. But he handled himself well after. He just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

And something I forgot to mention last week: Sloan's "People don't come to me to fix what's on the outside. They come to me to fix what's on the inside." What a load of crap. Plastic surgery deliberately avoids fixing anything on the inside, except where accidents or trauma have caused the damage.

I'm not even going to mention Meredith... can she get any more annoying??


Beck said...

Ol' turtleface is too dumb to be a believable doctor, but I loved last night's episode.
I thought the working mom was running out of the room to throw a tantrum (when the child was asking for her nanny?) but I burst into tears when it turned out that she'd gone to phone her. Thatta girl. And it also elicited an unsolicited "I'm so GLAD you're home with our kids!" from my husband. All good.
Did I ever mention that I had to take my firstborn daughter to a plastic surgeron when she was two weeks old? True.

cinnamon gurl said...

Wow, any kind of surgery in a newborn, and the need for it, must be terrifying.

I know that plastic surgery is important and necessary for many... and I don't blame folks for choosing it when it isn't strictly necessary... but I don't think it fixes what's on the inside as Slimy Sloane says.