Friday, November 24, 2006

Fave Grey's Quote from Last Night

Edited to add theory of things to come.

There's two this week.

I loved the patient with the shard of glass in her heart: The doctors... hot men... they're all really hot. [pause] They are, aren't they? It's not just because I'm wearing a plate glass window?

Addison: Nooo, they're man candy.

Patient: Good. [coughs blood into a gauze pad in her hand] Okaaay... that is nasty.

And when Callie yells at Meredith: Panties, Meredith. I'm talking about the McFrickin' code of silence pair of panties I pulled off the bulletin board. Not to mention the adulterous McSex I witnessed.

You'd think I'd get sick of all the Mc references, that the joke would get tired. But somehow I don't.

I loved Yang doing the voice over in the beginning but I thought the dramatic single drum thing from time to time was a bit silly. I think I knew that Yang was gonna crack, but I was still kinda disappointed. Mind you, Burke was kind of an ass, putting a lot of blame on her. I mean, he's the attending... she's just the intern.

Updated: Ooh, that scene with the patient with the shard of glass in her hear, Addison, Sloane and Karev. I think it will soon come out that Addison got pregnant with Sloane and had an abortion when she discovered him cheating on her. I'm putting it here because if I'm right I'll get to point to this and say, "See? Can I call it or what?" And if I'm wrong, well, just forget I ever said anything.

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Em said...

Interesting theory - I'm sure that there is some pregnancy in Addie's past... you may have hit the nail on the head! (I just watched the episode on the internet.)