Sunday, October 22, 2006

Photo Essay: Why a long, hot soak in my Victoria clawfoot tub is not as relaxing as it sounds

Exhibit A: Not only two kinds of shitty old wall coverings, but they even occur on the same wall.

Exhibit B: Shitty electrician did a shitty job installing the extractor fan and took 8 shitty months to do it. I made sure to take a few additional shitty months to pay for the shitty job until he shittily threatened to "take [shitty] legal action." (Please don't comment on the grunge around the intake holes... please! I already know we're slobs.)

Exhibit C: Same shitty electrician did equally shitty job installing new shitty outlet. (Actually, it's unfair to call the outlet shitty. It's done a fine job. It's just the hole it was plugged into that's shitty.)

Exhibit D: Former owners apparently used shitty latex paint to 'freshen up' the bathroom before selling it to us. That's ok, we made the latex paint mistake on our kitchen cupboards just before we moved in.

Here is a close-up:

Exhibit E: Some kind of stain coming through the shitty latex paint as a result of the moisture that the shitty extractor fan doesn't seem to extract.

And I am just NOT going to post photos of our bathroom floor on the Internet. I do have some pride. Just trust me: there isn't much variation on this theme.

God, we are so bourgeois. (Further evidence of our bourgeoisie: the cords plugged into the shitty outlet are for our electric toothbrushes. What have we come to?!?)


mad_hatter said...

Electric toothbrushes? How positively decadent!

As you know, I love my claw foot tub. Somehow, I am able to ignore all my old house blues in it.

penelopeto said...

if having a bath in a peeling, broken-lighting, drafty bathroom with an ugly floor (like at my own 60+ year old house) means that i get 20 minutes to myself, i am in!

cinnamon gurl said...

MH, the dentist recommended the electric toothbrushes... I was hoping they'd pick up the slack in my flossing (hee hee - no pun intended but I'll keep it).

And I didn't say the bath wasn't relaxing, just not as relaxing as it sounds. I do love the quiet time to myself.

sunshine scribe said...

Oh dear. You could always soak in the tub with one of those cute masks and then not see all that other stuff...