Monday, October 09, 2006

Strange Thanksgiving Apres Dinner Scene

Me to my brother-in-law, who is washing dishes while I whip cream with a whisk for the pumpkin pie: So it's been nearly a year since my Grandma Ruth died.

Brother-in-law: She was my grandma too, ya know.

I am silent, trying to figure out whether he's seriously hurt or his tongue is in his cheek, and noticing that he is drying a large chef's knife, which is kind of pointing at me.

Him: Oh, I see, so I'm not really a member of this family then.

Me, still unsure if he's joking or serious, still noticing the knife: uhhh, you're kind of pointing a large, sharp knife at me.

Him, surprised: Oh, I'm bleeding... I seem to have cut myself with that large sharp knife.

I got him a bandaid. It wasn't serious.


jen said...

hmmmmm. subliminal knife wounding? i have a late grandma ruth too, and i still miss her, too.

B-I-L said...

Bandaid was appreciated. I think that was the only sharp knife in your parents house!
C and I were discusing the word "fulsome" and how folks misuse it and well...we thought about and your blog. (Grammar rants...)