Saturday, October 07, 2006

Your Mama Dresses You Funny Part II

Rinse and repeat.

You can't see it in this photo, but if you ignore the creepy bathroom lighting and crappy cell phone camera, you can see in the next photo that he has no socks on under those Robeez.

Mummy didn't think to put replacement socks in the diaper bag. Yes, it was one of those blowouts.

In a related story, after yet another blowout in the car (what is it about the car that he always has blowout poops? And why does he never do it on the way home?):

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

I was so paranoid about Swee'pea getting cold when he was a newborn, I could never have imagined ever stripping him down, outside, in October. And then taking the time to snap a photo instead of immediately putting new clothes on as fast as possible. (Note the toque and sweater on the baby in the background - it wasn't that cold in the sun though, before CAS comes after me.)

I'm not sure of the wisdom of putting this photo on the Internet but I couldn't resist.


mad_hatter said...

Sweet pea is exposing the most modest nudity I have ever seen. Entirely tasteful and safe, IMHO. And, might I add, what a tremendous cutie.

Denguy said...

Au naturel, baby, au naturel!