Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So, I was just checking out tripping the life unbalanced and reading about things that creep her out and reading the comments about what creeps other people out, when I came across the word dingleberry. Specifically, Marla from hello josephine finds it creepy to discover a dingleberry on your partner while having sex. I've never encountered this word before so I had to google it. Ewwww. Thank you Marla and Urban Dictionary for totally giving me the heebeejeebies. Oh God, but those definitions nearly woke Swee'pea up with my shaking laughter.


Em said...

Okay that really is gross. I didn't know what a dingleberry was either. I am now enlightened.

Mad Hatter said...

Really. In my family a dingleberry is a penis. Oh that slippery, slipery language.