Wednesday, October 18, 2006

blip in blogging => productivity

Wow, I can get a lot done when I don't write on my blog. Today was amazingly productive, but also kind of dizzying, and now I can't sleep. Some highlights:
  1. called the public health about travel immunizations, especially for Swee'pea;
  2. made an appointment for Swee'pea's 9-month check-up and made sure a note was put in his file to discuss timing of 12-month immunizations since we will likely be in SA for his first birthday (how cool is that?)
  3. applied online for Swee'pea's birth certificate in preparation in applying for a passport
  4. walked downtown and picked up applications for passports for all three of us (ours will expire shortly after we return so I think we probably need them updated before we go
  5. discovered on above walk that the stroller (a Zooper Boogie) is missing an essential bolt and is falling apart; it's been leaning hard to the right and the frame has started looking warped for the last week or so; we made it home in one piece.
  6. drove to two (!) fabric stores looking for a veil for choreography we will be performing in June
  7. stopped by two (!) camera shops to learn about digital SLRs in preparation for my big 3-0 birthday party
  8. washed the dishes (twice!) and cooked dinner
  9. went to belly dance, almost on time
Ok, so that was boring but I'm awfully proud of myself. In more interesting news, mark your calendars if you'll be in the Guelph area on November 11. It's the fourth annual Mish Mash Belly Bash, Ishra's fusion belly dance show. It's always great with lots of beautiful dancers and usually at least one singer too. Ishra has told me that she will be dancing a double-veil (very difficult!) jazz fusion to Led Zepellin. It's the at the Cooperators Hall at the River Run Centre. Tickets are $25 and available at the River Run Box Office.

I also may be looking for a date to see Haft Vadi's Bewitching Bellydance Ball on October 28 in Kitchener. I'm hoping Sugar Daddy will hang out with Swee'pea and let me out on the town... tickets are $20 for that show.

And finally, via billets-doux, a webcam at a waterhole in South Africa. It looks a lot like the waterhole at Addo National Park, which we visited in 2005. This afternoon when I watched, nothing was happening in sight of the camera but the birds were singing and one in particular, a bit like a mourning dove or a pigeon but with a song unlike any I've heard in Canada, totally transported me back to the rondavel we stayed in at a great B&B outside the park (this is the very one we stayed in).

This morning, I also got obsessed with trying to capture the total cuteness of Swee'pea's chubby little toes. These are my favourites:


s@bd said...

cutest toes EVER.

(with the exception of my two babies' toes, of course.)

s@bd said...


'the toes of my two babies'

yeah. that's better.

Domestic Slackstress said...

I feel like an unproductive slacker now. Living up to my pseudonym just fine. I took my two sick kids to the doctor, checked my blog visitor stats two million times, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, fluffed a load of laundry but never folded it, picked up the play room, bathed three kids and put them all to bed. Now I have to update my blog. You were hyper productive. When I look at my callused perma flipflop feet now I can hardly believe they started out cute and cuddly.

Em said...

Amazing what you can get done when you don't blog, isn't it? I always find I'm so much more productive :)

BTW, I've put up my long haul travel post for you.

penelopeto said...

Feels good to get things done, doesn't it - although i would have probably skipped the dishes in exchange for a latte and a longer walk - god it was nice out yesterday!
the belly bash sounds pretty freakin cool - how come i never bellydanced to led zeppelin? (kashmir, right?)

cinnamon gurl said...

Actually no, she's not dancing to kashmir. She told me the name but I can't remember it (maternal amnesia). I know it wasn't kashmir though.

cinnamon gurl said...

Trampled Underfoot! That's what she's dancing to. Eureka!

And s@bd, since you know how to use the apostrophe, I knew that your babies had more than two toes.

domestic slackstress, I didn't want anyone to feel bad. Most days I can't get out of my pyjamas or out the door before 1. Yesterday was some bizarre alignment of the planets. Your day sounds extremely productive too.