Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rattlesnake Point

I've been thinking for the last few weeks that I'd like to go to Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, which is about half an hour-ish southeast of Guelph. I bet it's gorgeous in the fall and I just wanted to see the view again. So today we went. I've already mentioned that I'm obsessed with finding the perfect route so I spent some time this morning studying mapquest for the most direct and most scenic route. Unfortunately, mapquest doesn't account for me going into autopilot mode as soon as I got into the car and making two wrong turns before we even left Guelph. (Sugar Daddy loved this -- he has a terrible sense of direction and can never remember street names either so usually he's the one making wrong turns or forgetting where he's going.)

Mapquest also doesn't monitor construction or warn you that the road you want to take is closed to all through traffic. So we had to take a detour and do the thing that I hate most: go in the opposite direction of your destination. Then Sugar Daddy felt carsick so we had to rearrange our positions and stop for him to get fresh air. Finally we made it to the conservation area, paid our $9 to enter and managed to find a parking space. Seems like everyone and their grandma came out to the point today.

We wandered around, looked at the view, decided not to take the stairs to the bottom of the cliffs because it would require coming back up the stairs after, took some photos, and got back into the car.

Me suffering vertigo because those twisted cedars are RIGHT on the edge.
Me telling Sugar Daddy that the photo won't work because the sun's behind us.
We decided to stop for a snack and bathroom break at a gas station on the way home. They have fresh bagels and cream cheese so we got some. The bagel toaster seemed to take a really long time and the guy serving me decided to make conversation. The guy was a bit strange, all dressed up in a crisp white shirt, colourful tie, dress pants and dress shoes, and his hair was crispy with gel yet poofy. Think more eighties than Disco Stu and less dirty than Quagmire from the Family Guy. When I mentioned that I had to use the bathroom while he prepared the food, he said, "In the corner pocket."

As he was finishing up the order (much later), he asked in a Quagmire sort of way, "So what's happening this Sunday?"

Me: "Uh... we just went to Rattlesnake Point."

Him: "And how is Rattlesnake Point today?"

Me: "Uh... fine. It was nice."

Him: "Lots of people?"

Me: "Yeah."


Him: "So did you drive up from Mississauga?"

Me: "No. Guelph."

Him: "Oh and what's happening in Guelph these days?"

Me: [trying to think of something that's been happening besides the contruction on Gordon St.] "Uhh... ... uhh ..."

Him: "Same old same old?"

Me: "Yeah."

Him: "Ok. Well here's your change. Thankewwwww." (He had a really weird, sing song way of saying thank you. Not sure I've really captured it.) Sugar Daddy has suggested that this is the original Corner Gas.

Swee'pea looking at the leaves and Sugar Daddy looking at Swee'pea.
Anyways, I did actually enjoy myself, it was nice to get out and see some trees and fields, and we did get some nice pictures. Some sumacs were nearly fuschia they were so bright, and the cedars were an interesting combination of green foliage and their rusty seeds, the trees are starting to turn and there was occasional sunshine.

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bubandpie said...

That last over-the-shoulder photo is just too wonderful. Sounds like a great day.