Thursday, October 19, 2006

That Boy Can Move!

This past weekend, my friends in Invoke-Tress danced at a show in Toronto featuring Tito, a male belly dancer. I had thought that a male belly dancer would be silly or a bit gay, since the dance form has always been for and about women. Though I missed his show, I have just found some videos of him on youtube, and he is just a master! That boy can move! Here is a taste... if you have little ones sleeping near you, turn down your volume first.

Apparently at the show in Toronto, he danced on a tabla drum and went up and down the aisles, ON THE DRUM! Here is an example of him dancing on a drum.

And I forgot to mention that I too will be dancing at the Mish Mash Belly Bash.

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s@bd said...

that's really odd.

really, really odd.

and interesting ...