Monday, August 28, 2006

Zanzibar. Zanzibar.

Last week, my friend who is in Zambia and working for Right to Play, emailed some stunning photos of her holiday in Zanzibar. Zanzibar. It's such a magical name, kind of like Xanadu, Coleridge's opium dreamscape, but better because it actually exists and has two z's. Apparently it's an island off East Africa. Anyways, seeing her photos has inspired me to post some of my favourite photos from South Africa on my blog. But that requires plugging in the scanner, pulling out my photo album, choosing the pictures and scanning them, then uploading them. Ugh. Things like that just don't seem to happen in our house (I'd like to blame the arrival of Ezra but the truth is things have always taken longer in our house). I'm seriously considering buying a digital SLR sometime in the future. Definitely before our next trip to SA. In the meantime, one day I will post more photos; just not today.

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