Monday, December 31, 2007

scratch that

There's a reason I wrote 242 posts this year. So back to the first plan of the first sentences of each month.

January: So it's 2007. (And just because it was momentous, apparently, I must add the second sentence: This New Year's marks the first time I have ever gone to bed instead of cheering in the New Year.)

Feb: Sugar Daddy and I have just returned from a cool after-dinner walk in Grandpa Cape Town’s neighbourhood, and Swee’pea is sleeping peacefully in the stroller.

March: Last night in belly dance class, I was reminded of something I really admire in Ishra, the instructor.

April: I've been meaning to nominate the Mad Hatter for a Perfect Post for months.

May: Last night, I slept for seven hours straight with no wakings by either me OR Swee'pea.

June: Sorry for the delay since my last post... I didn't mean to leave you hanging after the shock.

July: I can hear firecrackers popping and screaming outside our house.

Aug.: The one-year anniversary of my first blog post came and went a couple of days ago, unblogged.

Sept: Sugar D, on Saturday: [incredulous, mostly to himself] I haven't had an ice cap this summer...
Maybe that's because I don't actually like ice caps and I just can't remember. (and because it made me laugh, I have to add the next line:) [later, with ice cap in hand] Yeah, I think I just don't like ice caps.

Oct: Aargh.

Nov: In order for this post to make sense, you need to remember a few key details about me.

Dec: Just when I thought life was going along all hunky-dory and the most I had to worry about was Christmas shopping and future vacation destinations...

* * *

So that was boring...

Happy New Year!


flutter said...

not boring, I'm still here!

Lisa b said...

yeah not boring.

nomotherearth said...

Not boring at all. I'm too lazy to do it myself.

ewe are here said...

I rather enjoyed it, so much that I might actually try a similar post.

Happy New Year.

Beck said...

It was NOT boring!
Happy new year!

Mad Hatter said...

That was fabulous and so positively you.