Sunday, December 16, 2007

snow day catch-up

Well, there's a blizzard goin' on outside, so I can't do anything I need to, like grocery shopping or library trips or Christmas shopping. All that means that I can catch up with stuff here...

Remember when I asked for advice about making our own ornaments? Well, I took Mad's advice on the paper ring chain, and Karen's on the salt dough ornaments. My implementation was not stellar. I didn't make the paper chain as long as I'd wanted and I don't think the salt dough ornaments were supposed to rise in the oven.

dec15 002

Still, we painted them with glitter paint and I'm very happy with the result, puffy middles and all.

dec15 018

dec15 021

I confess I did also buy a few pieces, but I like our first tree.

The only difficulty was the fact that I packed up my grandma's old cookie cutters back in October, the ones I hadn't used in the five years I've had them and that I didn't think I could possibly have need for in the next few months. Did you know it's very difficult to find good cookie cutters? I also threw out my old art supply box in October, the one I hadn't used in like 10 years and figured I just never would, the one with the glitter and glue and string and fishing line, which would have been perfect to hang the ornaments with. So I had to buy cookie cutters, glue, coloured paper, string, and glitter paint.

I should never have turned my back on my pack rat tendencies!

But of course, the most important thing is that Swee'pea LOVES the tree and its lights. It's the first thing he says hello to in the morning and the last thing he says goodbye to at night or any time we leave the house. It's TOO cute!

* * *

Weeks ago, Slouching Mom tagged me for a photographic meme featuring the four things that get me through the day. I sense she has some pretty high expectations for me, and I didn't want to disappoint her so I've thought and thought and thought about it. And now, with the snowy day, I get to implement it. I tried to take the question fairly literally, although I was also influenced by what I thought would make interesting photos. I'll start with the runners-up, the things that are important to me but that I ultimately didn't include.

#1 Runner-Up: Sugar D
He does often help me get through the day, but he really pissed me off yesterday, so no go.


And because he doesn't usually let me photograph him, but for whatever reason did today (maybe to get out of the doghouse from yesterday?), you get two shots of him.

(and hurray! I figured out how to make duotones!)

#2 Runner-Up: Nap Time
Nap time totally keeps me sane but it was far too dangerous to attempt to photograph it. So you get Swee'pea watching the blizzard.

dec16 042

And now for the Real List...

#4 Thing that gets me through the day: the Internet!
It's not photogenic, but it's far too essential to ignore.

(special guest star: my dirty floor)

#3 Thing that gets me through the day: Toilet Paper!
We take it for granted, but it IS nice to have. I remember in school I was too cheap to buy toilet paper so I used to steal those big, scratchy, industrial roles from the university, until they wised up and started locking up the toilet paper. Then we started bringing our backpacks to the downtown bars and stole their roles. Now that I've stopped drinking so much, I buy the good stuff even.


#2 Thing that gets me through the day: Glasses!
Without them, the whole world would be a blur. And, they have rhinestones, even if a few are missing.


#1 Thing that gets me throught he day: Tea!
So essential, I have two shots.



So there you have it... now, who wants to play? I know SM already got Niobe with the same meme, but I'd love to see what Sage, Den, and Crazy through the day... or anyone else who wants to play...


crazymumma said...

HaH! I used to take toilet paper from the restaurants as well!

ahhh. art school.

And all those wires on your floor. GAH. I hate wires. Youv'e made me want to get all compulsive and clean and organize.

Beck said...

Our husbands look like they're related. I've said it before but it bears repeating.

Never throw anything out. Ever. At any time. Buy another house if you need to house all your stuff, but it ALWAYS happens that the second you throw something out - the crimping iron your mother-in-law gave you eight years ago, for example - the VERY NEXT DAY you will then desperately need a crimping iron. It's true.

jen said...

what a gorgeous tree, and terrific pics...i love that and i am now wondering if he and Beck's husband are indeed, related.

Karen said...

I think that is a great shot of the internet - and all the others are lovely as well.
Congrats on your tree - puffy salt dough is awesome!

Suz said...

Yeah...I used to steal that scratchy toilet paper, too. I love the shot of the snow.

flutter said...

you have such handsome men in your life

slouching mom said...

Ahh... A sigh of satisfaction from over here.

You've picked such interesting things, sin!

But mostly I love your photography, so count me content right now.

Thanks for playing along.

Bon said...

love the photos, particularly the way you've made toilet paper look so...wistful.

and your tree is beautiful. i have one of those paper ring chains that i made back in kindergarten. still intact. it goes on the tree every year.

Maddy said...

Looks very cosy.
Best wishes

Mad Hatter said...

The tree is joyous.

SD is dreamy.

Swee'pea is .... as always.

The glasses are pure quirky funk.

The tea is calling me right this minute away from the internet.

Christine said...

i think tea is my number one, as well.

and my glasses!

your pictures are amazing.

nomotherearth said...

Caffeine is my number one, but nap time is a close second,

Toilet paper, ha!ha!

niobe said...

I love what you've done -- with the tree and the meme.
Me, I've been studiously ignoring SM's (and now, I suppose, your) tag, because, at the moment, I'm not really sure that I'm actually making it through the days at all.

Aliki2006 said...

I love your results--especially that in-the-doghouse picture...he looks a little chagrined.

Lisa b said...

I've never seen a shot of sugar D. you totally look like you belong together.
yes to internet and tea
and my roomies used to steal the tp!