Sunday, April 29, 2007

I went to a wee bloggy shindig and all I brought you are these lousy pictures

They rolled out the red carpet for us... Look! It's me - upside down.


(That is not a blogger... just a random guy in a suit.)


First time talking about blogging with a glass of wine instead of blogging about blogging with a cuppa: amazing and liberating somehow!

First time I couldn't eat a greasy breakfast once it was set down in front of me.

First evening, night and morning away from Swee'pea.

Today, Swee'pea's first (mini) ice cream cone all to himself.

apr29b 041
(Ice cream + sunny spring afternoon = great hangover cure)

Lessons Learned:

Apparently, my blog makes me look like an ENFP, but in reality I am an ISFJ.

Don't bother trying to combine making pictures with drinking wine, enjoying the conversation of four beautiful, intelligent and articulate women when you have way more to talk about than you have time available. Perhaps, in the same way we can never catch up on the blogosphere, we can never really be finished talking to bloggers.

You know you're having a good time when an hour or two into it you're already sad that it's going to be over soon. Too soon.

Going to bed really really late after hours of engaging and exciting conversation, without actually having consumed much booze, is enough to induce a hangover bad enough to make one wonder if perhaps it's morning sickness of a different sort. (My body has since indicated that I am not pregnant, AND apparently I was premenstrual on Friday.)

Sleeping away from my family causes the most delicious and painful insomniac longing for them. Or maybe it was just the letdown after a great evening comes to an end.

Bloggers' pictures of themselves DO NOT capture the intense and real-life skindeep physical beauty of these women. (Their more holistic beauty, which I've been admiring for months, goes without saying...)


Beck said...

Also, glad you had fun.

Mouse said...

TOTALLY jealous! And know exactly what you're talking about. And also should shut up since I had a mini-TO bloggers meeting Friday night at a wonderful charity event (which I found out about via Sunshine Scribe).

crazymumma said...

What? I do not understand the capital letter abbreviation descriptions. I'm sorta out of touch that way...

Where did you get to go? With some of the best voices!? And why was I not invited?

Totally jealous. Sounds like you had fun!

slouching mom said...

Yep. Jealous over here, too.

Mimi said...

Where the hell was the red carpet? I totally did not see any red carpet! I guess that's why they call it an artistic 'eye', because, err, you see things better than the rest of us.

I have a WICKED BAD HANGOVER too and am going to bed momentarily. Three glasses of wine and a beer? Over 8 hours? And I'm hungover? Yeesh.

Aliki2006 said...

I AM jealous!! I hope I get to have a blogger meet some day--I often tire of the virtual world...

Glad you had a great time!

cinnamon gurl said...

Mimi, it was down the street from the dessert place... remember when I removed myself for a few minutes? I went for a walk before the sun set.

And then regretted it when I got back to the table and discovered that I'd missed some good stuff... (Duh! I should have known that.)

Crazymumma... the abbreviations are for myers-briggs, which bubandpie is obsessed with.

Aliki, would love to meet up with you if you ever find yourself in the Great White North.

Nancy said...

Sooooooo jealous.

But glad you had such a wonderful time. :-)

bubandpie said...

Yeah. Sigh.

This was a great wrap-up post. And like you said last night, the VOICES add a whole dimension. Everybody's voice was surprising and yet somehow lovelier than I had expected.

NotSoSage said...

Mm...could have used a greasy breakfast rather than the 7 am smoke alarm/wake-up call I got. Tylenol...where Ugh.

It was all worth it, though.

Mad Hatter said...

Worth it 1,000 times over, oh beautiful, intelligent, articulate woman. Sure wish I'd managed to get a pic of us all, though.

BTW, I met Mmme Le Brune. She's real. So real, in fact, that she hugged me before I left her and Sage and Joe at the airport. Yup, my heart melted.

Oh, The Joys said...

Wow. That would have been a great table of women to talk with -- all four of you?! Yeah. Completely jealous!

kgirl said...

See? you know how to make the TO bloggers jealous! Sounds awesome!

Kyla said...

As I've said everywhere else. I'm SO jealous! This settles it. I really am going to have to blog my way through Canada one of these days.