Friday, April 20, 2007

Does spring sun make people flirt?

Remember that plumber I flirted with while he put his snake in our clogged drain a couple of weeks ago? Well, this morning I had to call him back. I actually tried to get another plumber in because I felt weird about the flirtation, but I also needed someone fast and that young plumber got here first, around 9 this morning.

The first thing he said after identifying that the same problem had reared its ugly and stinky head again was, "Well I brought my bigger snake, so I'll give that a try."

Eventually he fixed the problem, and our kitchen sink is draining faster than I think I've ever seen it.

He gave me his home phone number, just in case we have another problem with the drain again, and said he'd come out for free on the weekend if anything happens in the next year.

Is that service or what?

* * *

After lunch, Swee'pea went for a walk in the warm spring sunshine, and I brought my camera just in case.

These young lads were singing on their porch, and I couldn't resist a shot.

porch song 2

After I finished shooting, they invited me to a party up at the university. It's a rally to decriminalize marijuana. I declined their invitation, but I couldn't help wondering why they invited me. I decided to feel flattered rather than pitied, then concluded it must be because I'm so obviously uber hip (although Swee'pea wasn't even wearing his tie-dye and leopard print combination). Maybe babies are the new thong showing above the jeans?

I didn't shoot anything downtown... just ran some errands and bought Swee'pea some new board books on the advice of the Mad Hatter.

On the way home, pretty much across the street from where those boys had been singing, now three young women were painting in their front yard. I asked permission (which I've been doing a lot of lately) and they clearly enjoyed having the lens pointing at them. As I shot, an older man walking with two canes and difficulty made friendly, flirtatious comments. Which is when I shot this:

spring glee

Such a contrast from this scene I shot just a few days ago, when I thought spring would never come.



Mouse said...

I love that second shot especially. I've been seeing a lot of shorts and tiny skirts up on campus--everyone's dying to get their warm-weather clothes out!

Aliki2006 said...

Those pics are great! I love the red shopping cart one. I've said this before, but are you doing something with all your photographic talent? Really, you are amazing.

Suz said...

These photos are great - I really liked the composition of the first and the moment that was captured in the second. There's something about Spring, I think, that brings out the flirt in all of us!

Kyla said...

Your photos are always absolutely breathtaking.

Pecos Blue said...

Interesting photos for sure. I like this you presented them.

slouching mom said...

What fabulous photos! I love the one with the shopping carts.

Mimi said...

Gosh these are beautiful, cin -- gorgeous.

And yes, babies *are* the new thong above the waistband. At least I hope they are, because ain't nobody going to be seeing that chunk of my belly in public ever again ... ;-)

Beck said...

You take BEAUTIFUL photos!

NotSoSage said...

The 2nd and 3rd shot, especially. Amazing.

Eep, I realised half-way through the day that I was inadvertently doing the thong-above-the-waistband thing today. I usually wear a belt with those pants, but I'd forgotten today. Ugh. No one wants to see that. Anymore.

mamatulip said...

LOVE the first two have a great eye for photos.

Mad Hatter said...

Enough about the pix already! Yes, they are stunning but "Hello?" Mr. Young Flirty Plumber offered to use his snake to clean your drain for free any ole weekend? Scandalous! Delightful! Does he make calls to Atlantic Canada.

I especially like the shot of the young woman and I love the treatment you've given them all.

kgirl said...

hooray for spring!

Alpha DogMa said...

Maybe babies are the new thong showing above the jeans?Well, why not? Both are pains in the ass.