Friday, August 15, 2008

This morning I walked to work for the first time in ages. It was heavenly. The sun was bright but it was fresh enough to wear a light jacket. Geese were just beginning to stir on the soccer field, and traffic was minimal. I walked by student places and remembered what the morning freshness means: fall. A new school year.

It feels like summer is over before it's even properly begun. Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to next summer? To a summer that isn't overshadowed by a move to a new house? Regardless, this summer is nearly spent, and really, it's ok that it was spent preparing to move. Hopefully, we'll enjoy many relaxed summers to come in the house and not have to consider moving for a long, long time.

While I walked, I thought about how much I enjoy walking to work, to starting the day out with a meditation on the morning beauty of everything. Even last night's empties look beautiful. Our new house is only a 20-minute moderately brisk walk to my work compared with a 30-minute brisk walk up a big hill that morphs closer to 45 minutes in snow.

But Swee'pea's daycare is in the other direction, so if he stays there, it will mean either a second car or a long and frankly annoying bus ride. I have him on the waiting list for the place next door to my work but he loves his current daycare so much. He loves one teacher in particular and he's always talking about one of his friends. When he had scarlet fever and couldn't go to school, he wept at the doctor's when she told him. She said she'd never seen this kind of reaction in a kid his age.

As I walked, I decided screw the inconvenience, that place is good for him. My own fantasy of walking to work isn't enough to justify the change. Besides, he probably wouldn't even get a spot anyways.

About an hour into my workday, I got a call. There's a spot for Swee'pea starting in September. He'd be in a slightly larger group of kids (16 to 2 teachers instead of his current 10 to 2). They don't have a four-day option, but the five-day price is less than what we currently pay for four. We have to decide by Monday, and we're going for a tour this afternoon.

I think I've mostly decided though, because the walking fantasies -- even in minus 30 degrees and rainstorms (provided we weatherproof ourselves appropriately of course) -- are irresistible. It would mean we wouldn't have to buy a second car, which is huge for me both ideologically and economically.

What do you think... do you think the transition will be as bad as last time?


Mad said...

Oh, I am soooo not the person to respond to this post. I feel my belly doubling over in anxiety just thinking about it all BUT your kid is not my kid, and I would give just about anything to walk to work, dropping my kid off along the way. Have a look and the new place and let your gut guide you. Can you take Swee'Pea on the tour?

BTW, I can't for the life of me figure out why your picture isn't in first place.

cinnamon gurl said...

I know, I don't get it either. But now I sound like sour grapes.

I'm hoping the new place has better food - the old place is ok but still leaves a lot of room for improvement. For example, they serve Crispers and Cheeze Whiz for snack - why is just plain old real cheese and plain crackers not good enough???

I don't think we'll bring Swee'pea on the tour. If we decide to go with it, I'm anticipating having more opportunities to bring him and get him somewhat acclimatized.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, tough decisions. If the new place is nice, it sounds like the way to go. But at least you know there are some big positive points to either place he might end up next year.

Andrea said...

Are there any positives you can use as an offset for the transition trauma? Like--I know this will be hard for him, but because we'll spend so much less time commuting, we'll have x more play minutes at home--we'll have more money, so maybe we can sign him up for y or take him to z--that kind of thing?

If there are, I'd go for it. Assuming you like them on the tour, of course.

Cloud said...

I honestly liked your picture best, too. And so did my Mom and sister, who were looking over my shoulder when I voted.

I know if it were my family, the thought of walking to work would win out. Of course, Pumpkin LOOOOVES walks, so that would help with any guilt about the move....