Saturday, August 23, 2008

I was a little concerned about how exhausted I was yesterday, when the real hard work is still ahead. Luckily, my mom had told me to take it easy, to just hang out in the new house and figure out where the furniture will go and sit in the backyard. So I did. I also ran a few errands, returning overdue books to the library, dropping off paperwork at Swee'pea's new daycare (starting date Sept. 15), getting a bit of cash to pay the hardwood installers to put the baseboards back on.

I read an article about Mandela's leadership style in Time magazine, while listening to South African pop accompanied by the roaring nail gun and whining saws of the floor installers. I was surprised to discover just what a strategist he is, but I guess that makes sense given that he accomplished the seemingly impossible. I think he must be ENTP. I think ENTP's make the best leaders. I know ENTJ's probably have a stronger urge to lead, but the J can rub people the wrong way and lead to hasty decisions. ENTP's get the benefit of the logic with the P to keep them open to new ideas and able to change track at a moment's notice. (My Myers Briggs obsession hasn't abated at all -- I've found myself on more than one occasion trying to figure out what types our new neighbours are based on their lawns and gardens.)

I read another article about the science of love and romance, which mentioned a study that discovered female strippes' average tips change depending on where they're at in their cycle. Apparently their tips average $70 an hour when ovulating, $35 an hour when menstruating, and $50 an hour when neither ovulating nor menstruating.

Ok... I can't procrastinate on packing any longer.


Mommy C said...

Do you have any Springbok Nude Girls? I'm in major withdrawl. My cd was stolen and I can't find them here, not even on itunes. And, once you're settled in, it will all seem worth it.

Janet said...

I think I'm ovulating right now.

I want my damn $70.

Elizabeth said...

I read that article about Mandela a while back and found it fascinating too. Wasn't the stripper article in Time as well? I have read about that before too. So weird, but I guess it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective.

Aliki2006 said...

I'm with Janet--*I'd* like to be paid for ovulating, too AND for having to put up with my period, as well.

Kyla said...

Janet made me LAUGH!

Every other month I have really horrid pain when I ovulate...but the other months, I tend to be a little more INTERESTED in Josh than usual, not purposefully, just biologically. He can always tell, and I'd imagine that sort of, ahem, fertile behavior might be detectable in that sort of venue, too. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

What about menopausal strippers? Never mind ...that's just wrong.