Wednesday, August 13, 2008

please vote?

One of my photos made the top 10 cut in a contest over at Imagekind with the theme of unity. Now it's open to voters, and anyone can vote - not just Imagekind members. So if you think this photo represents unity the best, please feel free to vote for it.


How I believe it fits the theme: Visually, this photo shows four boys unified by their focus on a single book. As well, mosaics are made of disparate fragments unified by art. The photo was made in the courtyard of the Gugu S’thebe Arts and Culture Centre in South Africa, 13 years after the end of apartheid. These boys are younger than the country’s new democracy, the product of years of united, hard work.

And while I'm on the subject, Imagekind just announced a 25% discount on all framing until August 18, 2008. Just enter the promo code PLUNGE25 when you check out.


Kyla said...


Mad said...

Voted for you and sent my readership your way.

niobe said...

I voted for you. (though when I tried to see the results, I couldn't)

cinnamon gurl said...

Niobe, it's not looking good... I'm in 5th place.

Beck said...

Not only did I vote for you, but I'd have voted for that picture even if it WASN'T yours. Beautiful!