Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ugh. Now I have what Swee'pea had: snotty nose, fever, aches, the works.

On top of this, I am having to manage the suspense of waiting to find out if Sugar D got the job nearby. They won't be deciding till next week, and patience is not a virtue of mine. I keep oscillating between fantasizing about sweet it would be if Sugar D got the job and trying to rein in the fantasies so that we're not totally devastated if he doesn't get it.

I remember talking to a friend a while back about how hard I've found Sugar D's commute -- esentially it makes me a single mother for twelve hours a day, although having a partner overnight makes life so much easier that I feel bad making the comparison. This friend has had periods of being a real single mom when her partner has been overseas, and she said something that has stuck in my head: "It's good to learn that you can do it."

I hope soon we can chalk up the changes of the last five months to a learning experience.


Beck said...

It IS hard to have to parent solo for so much of the day. BELIEVE ME, I know.
I so hope he gets the job. That would be great, wouldn't it?
Get feeling better.

Kyla said...

Feel better soon, Sin.

I hope he gets the job, too. It is hard to be the one on duty. And on top of being difficult, it gets a bit lonely, too.

crazymumma said...

Solo. I love solo. It's a guilty pleasure. Yet I love the relief of his return.

Mary Joan said...

Feel better soon. I hope he gets the job nearby. It was such a strain on my first marriage that my husband had to take two trains and a bus to get to work, so he was gone 12 hours a day. For a brief two years when we were in Maine, he was 10 minutes away. That was wonderful; we could easily have lunch with him.