Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yippee! I got me some blog bling! (AND Swee'pea got him something not so good)

This morning, I let Sugar Daddy sleep in, with the understanding that he will do the same for me tomorrow. All week, we've had to wake lazy bones Swee'pea in the morning so that we can get out the door and I can get to work on time. It's been very difficult to rouse him, even after 7 a.m. This morning, he woke up at 6:30! The window was barely lightened. I was not impressed.

But I got up with him, and we had a pleasant enough morning. I drank my tea, checked email and stuff, changed his diaper, gave him breakfast, that kind of thing. He was playing with his toys and I started editing a photo in photoshop (which, by the way, eventually turned out quite nicely).

I'd barely loaded the photo in though, when I noticed the ominous quiet that usually means Swee'pea's distributed all the wipes around the room, or getting into something he shouldn't.

When I looked over, he turned around and showed me that he had a small piece of paper in his mouth, although strangely I could now hear crunching noises from his mouth. I ran over and discovered that he had opened one of those little packets of silicon beads that keeps things fresh or something. I think he ate most of them, and scattered a few on the couch. I tried to get him to spit them out, but he was having none of that.

So I called the poison control centre, and found out that those little silicon beads are not actually toxic (thank goodness!). They're not good to eat, but they won't do any major damage as long as he gets lots of fluids to keep them moving.

I felt like a knob.

On the plus side, after Sugar Daddy got up (ok, in my panic about the silicon I yelled up to him that Swee'pea was eating silicon beads and he made his way downstairs pretty sharpish... sorry, SD), he helped me do what I wanted to do with the photo, and I'm quite pleased with it. It's my first attempt with more advanced modifications than simple contrast or exposure adjustments.

Oh yeah, and I forgot the punchline when I first published this. After I called poison control, we hypothesized about what exactly silicon is... I know I've saw it on the periodic table back in grade 11 chemistry... Sugar Daddy suggested:

Maybe he'll become a superhero now!

langa hair salon

I think it was a hair salon, in Langa Township... well not so much a hair salon but you get the gist. We were just driving by, so I'm not totally sure but the sign offers a wash at the bottom...

And while I'm on the subject, sort of... two of my posts have been included in the Just Post roundup, and I'm really excited to be included, especially for those two posts (Mouse nominated the second one, Langa means sun, which I have just updated with some more photos from our township tour in celebration. It means a lot to me that she found it so thought-provoking; I'm glad I was able to communicate some of the thoughts that South Africa provoked in me). Plus, I love the blog bling on the sidebar, the first of its kind here in spice land. So go check out all the rest of the bloggers blogging for social justice.


jen said...

absolutely well deserved. your langa means sun post crushed me.

i so wished to be walking alongside you that day.

Suz said...

Now that the twins have started crawling, we've baby-proofed, but I keep worrying if I, in fact, got everything! Now, I'll be looking through the room for those little packets. I'm sure that I've got some hiding somewhere and it would be just like the boys to find them.

Mad Hatter said...

Yikes! I've always worried about those little silicon packages. And what's with kids waking up early on weekends? Seriously. It drives me nuts.

Congrats on the bling. Those posts were fantastic.

Beck said...

Congratulations! And I need to email you my list of what The Boy ate or put in his mouth during his first three years. It's extensive and horrifying. These things happen despite our best intentions.

Oh, The Joys said...

Tonight The Rooster stood up in a chair and then sent it flying over so that she landed face first on the floor. She was fine, but talk about feeling like a knob!

Congrats on the Just Post Award!


Mimi said...

woohoo on the bling! well-deserved.

I was the one up early this morning with the babe as well. Do you remember my post about calling poison control a couple of weeks ago? You could have read the number off my blog :-) Gah. That's not fun.

But on the upside, Beck left her list of things the boy ate in the comments ...

The photo is just b-e-a-oootiful.

Aliki2006 said...

Congrats on the blogging award! Yay! And now my curiosity as to those silicone beads has been satisfied as well...

kgirl said...

like i said at mouse's, perfect choice(s). you so so so deserve it.

and, glad to hear that silicone is non-toxic and swee'pea is just fine. shit happens, mama. don't beat yourself up.

NotSoSage said...

Yay! Bloggy bling well deserved, my friend. Those were amazing posts.

I love that shot. I wish I could scan this photo of a hair salon I took in the Hackney Neighbourhood of London. It catered to the Caribbean community, but it was actually called, "It Will Grow Back." I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Joe's Dad is a hairdresser, so we gave him a copy.