Friday, March 16, 2007

Giggity Giggity

I have a ton of half-started posts percolating, but I keep being distracted by other post topics, or Swee'pea doesn't nap (like today).

Kgirl tagged me for a rockin' meme, AND she even called me one of the rockinest folks, in an email. I'm not sure it's entirely accurate, but I LIKE it, and I'm gonna do the meme anyways.

So... 5 songs I've been listening to lately:

(Actually, I think this needs a bit of preamble. Sugar Daddy keeps somewhat up to date with new music, and is responsible for any thing post 1999 in our collection. Sometimes I stumble upon something and discover I enjoy it, but most of the time I've been sticking to my oldie but goodies like the Bobs (Marley and Dylan) and Neil Young... I'm nostalgic like that. And I can listen to my favourites on repeat endlessly, which drives Sugar Daddy, or anyone else within hearing distance, absolutely stark raving mad.)

  1. "The Seed (2.0)" by The Roots

    This was a song I discovered thanks to SD. The first time I heard it, we were driving somewhere, and we'd just decided to try to make a baby, and we'd also... er... just made our first attempt (after years of practice, of course). The lyrics are silly, and actually quite offensive, but the fact that it's about conception... well, it spoke to me. Plus it's REALLY catchy. The next time I heard it, I was pregnant.

  2. AND, just so you can see how bad this song is, and how bad my taste is, the chorus:

    I only wanna fertilize another behind my lover's back
    I sit and watch it grow standin' where I'm at
    Fertilize another behind my lover's back
    And I'm keepin' my secrets mine
    I push my seed in her bush for life
    Its gonna work because I'm pushin' it right
    If Mary drops my baby girl tonight
    I would name her Rock-N-Roll

    I mean, who names their baby girl Rock-N-Roll?!?

    Note: this is not the Roots performing. It's just some guy procrastinating on his law finals. But you can get a sense of how catchy the song is.

  3. "Call to Apathy [tentative title]" by The Shins

    Just this past weekend, Sugar Daddy was on the computer and I was with Swee'pea in the living room. I didn't really notice the music, until suddenly I realized that it was nice, and just under my consciousness I had enjoyed the last several songs. It was the Shins. This one's my favourites of the ones on our computer.

  4. Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan

    Yeah, I mentioned this one a while back, but I STILL just can't get enough. I'll listen to it like five times a day if Sugar Daddy's not around to stop me.

  5. (Just tried to find a video or something with the song but have discovered that the person we downloaded it from must have made a mistake with the title so I don't know it) by Amon Tobin

    I loved Amon Tobin since before Sugar Daddy's time. In fact, I think I introduced HIM to Amon. Strangely, Amon Tobin played at the Trash in G-town back in about 2003, with the jazz festival or something I think. He put on a great show, except he kept calling it Gulf or Gelp (he alternated). Someone shouldda told him. Sadly, Sugar Daddy wouldn't let me name Swee'pea Tobin.

  6. Smokin' Blunts by People Under the Stairs... I had a hard time choosing just one song by the People Under the Stairs. I know nothing about them, but discovered them by accident on itunes and I love them. Sugar Daddy says they're hip hop, but they seem a lot more jazzy yet ambient than that to me. Regardless, very good stuff. (In the end, there were a coupla frontrunners to choose between for the specific song to list. I chose this one because I figured kgirl would like this title.)

So, now I'm wondering what Mimi, Alpha Dogma are listening to...


jen said...

dude. see, you are rockinist. you are. between you and the queen of sage, no one is more rockinesque.

NotSoSage said...

Love The Shins. I was thinking of what I'm listening to recently, too...for some reason I've found that I never listen to the radio anymore (except the CBC). I like what I hear, but since I know we don't have the cash, I'm not moved to buy anything. Joe buys all the music, but that's related to his work...

Good list! I love The Roots, too, but I sometimes can't get over the lyrics. For me, lyrics are as important as the music, so I have to be in the right mood.

That guy dancing...Whaaa?

kgirl said...

dude, you have red hair, you bellydance and you have great taste in music. i'm stickin' by rockinest. just try and stop me.

Heather said...

Love that song by the roots, and my husband has to do the same thing with lay lady lay, cause I love listening to it as well (I caught him singing it in the shower a couple of weeks ago).

Beck said...

Ha! I'm another Lay Lady Lay fan, and my husband also frowns at my repeated play. BUT IT IS HOT!
That guy dancing - um. I think that whole generation of kids is going to be so embarrassed in a few years.

Alpha DogMa said...

Great list!
I'm beginning to feel uncool in my choice of music as of late. Damn those Wiggles! I've lost my edge because of them...okay I lost my edge years ago but they are so very convenient.
I'll have to scour my cd lists and see what I can come up with.

Suz said...

You are cool....I know that I'm uncool in my musical tastes and don't even have the Wiggles to blame. Lists like this give me some chance of catchin' up.

bubandpie said...

Did you turn comments off? I want to comment on your milestones post, but I don't see anything to click.

Anyhow. I always found milestones difficult to determine - especially with words. Is "Mmphm" an attempt to say "Mama"? Or just some random sounds? What I've often noticed, though, is that my kids would say a particular word, or combination of words, once - and then, just when I'm just I imagined it, two weeks later they would start saying it regularly. It's like they have to try something, and then think it over for awhile before they can be sure they want to add it to their repertoire.

cinnamon gurl said...

Oops, sorry, B&P! Thanks for letting me know... comments are back on the milestones post.

mamatulip said...

Dude -- I listed Cujo on my list when I did this meme...who is the same as Amon Tobin. Besides a good girlfriend of mine (who unfortunately passed away last year), I don't know anyone else who likes him.


niloc said...

i had no idea that the lyrics to The Seed (2.0) were anything like that. i am tone deaf when it comes to what songs are saying. we all love the song but now i'm scratching my head.