Friday, January 12, 2007

Fave Grey's Anatomy Quote from Last Night

Wow. It has been a REALLY long time since a new Grey's Anatomy was on.

Some discussion is in order before I give my favourite quote.

I love that Meredith snores.

And Izzy. She rather skimmed over the situation with, "When my fiance dropped dead I went a little nuts." ?!? Uh, wasn't it more like you went a little nuts and cut your fiance's L-VAT wire (or whatever it was), thus contributing to his death shortly thereafter? Mostly I'm annoyed with her. It's annoying having that cheque sit around. It's annoying that she just whines to be given more privileges.

I think the happy dance around the bag of pee could be the first such event on network television history?

I totally didn't see the Addison-Alex thing coming, but I think it could work.

And. Judging from the preview for next week's show (which I will miss because we'll be away), I was so totally right!

Ok. So without further ado, my fave quote:

Sloane to Alex: Maybe you oughtta go back to the gynie squad where life was all squishy and pink.

Don't forget. Today is the last day of Delurking Week. As you can see, I've stolen Bubandpie's picture, because I love it. And I'm also going to steal her idea and offer some questions to get the delurking going. (Thanks to the folks who delurked on my last post... it's LOVELY to meet you!)

I loved one of the questions that a commenter at B&P asked the blogger extraordinaire, so I'm going to steal it for delurkers (and of course regular commenters can answer to):

If you were going to start a new career, what would it be? (Let's pretend that length of schooling and money are not factors.)

And, another stolen question, this time from Alpha Dogma (by the way, last night I saw a trailer for a movie named after Alpha Dogma, well sort of, so she's obviously got a large following despite her new arrival. It's called Alpha Dog.)

Which celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?

I'll share my answers in a comment later...

AND, we have just heard that we will indeed be able to take our trip on Monday. Coming up next, a post about my experiences with the most ineffectual, bumbling, give it to you up the ass while you're picking up the soap bureaucracy I have ever come across...


Beck said...

A new career? I'd like to be a sculptor.

Mad Hatter said...

Can I choose to be a godess? No? OK then, I am happy being a librarian.

I don't know who would play me but if you've been back to Alpha Dogma's, you will notice that I chose Tilda Swinton to play you. Who do you think should play you?

cinnamon gurl said...

I'm not very familiar with Tilda Swinton, but my mind has been blank on this question. I asked Sugar Daddy and he had an answer pretty quick, despite his inability to remember celebrity names... he thinks her name is Scarlet Johansen or something like that. The redheaded amazon from That 70's Show. Which I think is pretty solid.

I'll save the other answer for later...

NotSoSage said...

Hmm...I feel a little guilty as I'm not a lurker but I'm sure regulars commenting might make those lurkers feel more at home, right?

New career? The one I'm working towards (slowly): midwifery. I want it so badly that, if it would make a difference, I would get rid of everything we own and move into a parents or in-laws house just to get on with my new life.

Celebrity: People have always told me (but I think it's too flattering a comparison) that I look like Helen Hunt.

(P.S. The actress on That '70s Show is Laura Prepon.)

NotSoSage said...

Too flattering for me, of course.

Just thought I'd clarify. Yikes!

cinnamon gurl said...

LOL Sage!

Oh -- and now I'm kinda embarrassed about the actress's name but I guess it proves my point that SD cannot remember celebrity names.

bubandpie said...

It's not my graphic - I stole it from somebody else, who had linked to the other person he stole it from - but I just stole it.

I have given much thought to this issue of what celebrity would portray me in film, without ever feeling satisfied with my conclusions. Really, I can't get away from the feeling that it ought to be Julia Roberts, which is clearly absurd, but possibly revealing of my latent diva self-image.

cinnamon gurl said...

OMG, B&P, I can't get away from Julia Roberts either! But I was too embarrassed to say so... especially after Tilda Swinton came into play. ;)

Alpha Dogma said...

My new career...hmm...I'd love to do public relations. But not for a smarmy hollywood actor, but a well-meaning, left leaning, politico-type (oh, Barack Obama do you have cousins in Canada?), or a well-funded, well respected non-profit organization. I was part way through a college progam in Communications and PR when I moved northward. So my education/career is stalled til I can find a good on-line course.

Otherwise, one of Barker's Beauties from the Price Is Right. I can do an arm flourish that is TO DIE FOR.

Thailand Gal said...

Delurking. It's only polite. Right? (g)

As for careers, I would have followed through and become a professor of cultural anthropology. :)



Mad Hatter said...

Sin. Have you seen Orlando? Trust me, Tilda Swinton is positively fabulous.

cinnamon gurl said...

No I haven't seen Orlando. The pics I checked out make her look pretty fab, and I felt very flattered...

As for a new career, I think I would like to be a naturopathic doctor.

I must say, I'm disappointed in the delurking... oh well, what's new?

Someone said something at B&P's along the lines of if you don't like lurkers, don't post publicly. It's not so much that I mind lurkers, just that I am SO intensely curious about them. YOU.

Mouse said...

New career: writer (fiction, mostly sci-fi and fantasy). I suppose it says something that I'm currently in school to supposedly prepare for an academic career.

Actress: Lucy Lawless. But more from her Xena incarnation with brown hair. I think she's about the same height as me and although she's skinnier than me, she still has curves.