Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sign of a Small Mind?

Today I saw a pickup truck that amused me. Painted on its side was, "The Crack Specialists." I don't think they specialize in street drugs though. It reminded me of my amusement a few weeks ago at "Good Construction: Good Builds Better."

Last night, I was amused when Banana's husband showed off his Christmas gift t-shirt. It says "Shrodinger's Cat is Dead" on the front and "Shrodinger's Cat is Not Dead" on the back. Or something like that. It's some joke about quantum physics, which although I did make it more than halfway through A Brief History of Time a decade ago, I didn't really get. I tried to act like I got it though. I thought it was some kind of existentialist thing. Anyways, apparently Banana found it on a website called Had Sugar Daddy (fellow geek) heard of it?

SD: "Yeah... everybody's heard of that." He quickly amended himself when he saw my look that clearly stated I have not heard of that... "Er, well, all the geeks have heard of it."

Banana gave me a birthday gift: the latest Fiona Walker book, just in time for the dreaded flight (I always prepare myself for flying by equipping myself with a new Fiona Walker).

"You've already lent it to me, so don't worry about that," she said with a smile.

Apparently she gave herself a headache trying not to crease the spine or crinkle a page. I must say, she did a good job. The book looks pristine.


Beck said...

I always read books before I give them to people. How else could I give them with a good conscience? They might be crap!
Physics. Bah.

Mad Hatter said...

Ya, I've heard of the cat. It has something to do with a box but I can't pretend for a second that I understood it when I was told about it. My brother-in-law is a philosophy professor--it makes for rather tedius family gatherings.

BTW, I've been meaning to email you with a wee bit of travel adivce I benefitted from over the holidays: take a handful of pull-ups with you so that if you find yourself trapped in a place with no change table and no reasonable space to enact a proper diaper change (often this can be summed up in the word AIRPLANE but the transcontinentals might have better facilities), you've got a straightforward solution. Oh and if you have never used pull-ups before keep in mind that you can rip the sides open to get them off in the event of an unholy mess of a diaper change.

What day do you leave?

Mad Hatter said...

"tedius": you'd swear I was never edjumicated.

nomotherearth said...

Physics, schmysics. So not the point of your post, but I have to say that I don't crack spines or bend pages. My book must be kept as pristine as possible. Why? I don't know. Childhood book trauma...??

banana said...

I was heavily chastised for my pre-gifty reading by my husband (the geek) and my daughter. I tried to explain that the non-creasing was not to hide the indiscretion but to keep the book looking nice....
I honestly would have waited, but hello - she is going to South Africa for almost a MONTH...and as I will freely admit - patience is not among my virtues (Cin would add many exclamation points to this confession if she was editing my work).
In my usual reading (i.e. when not reading someone else's gift prior to presentation) I destroy books - I must read in every spare second (I bore easily), so, where I go, the book goes, along with fresh dog ears, cracked spine etc.

cinnamon gurl said...

Mad, thanks for the tip. I leave on the 15th. I'm guessing since Swee'pea's so big, he'll probably fit into pull-ups.

Banana, I know you weren't trying to hide it... I was so impressed with your efforts because I don't think I could do it. I think that knowing I was gonna come clean anyways, I'd just crease the spine.