Wednesday, January 24, 2007


daddy's shades

So here's a funny thing: getting conflicting safety advice about flying with a babe in arms from two different airlines.

When we flew from Toronto, the airlines gave me another seatbelt to loop through my seatbelt and around Swee'pea's belly. The attendant told me that the safest position for him was facing forward. I did think that if any force were applied to the strap, Swee'pea would likely suffer internal injuries, but figured if that happened we were all toast anyways. And because Swee'pea is so squirmy, I kind of liked having a bit of insurance.

Today, on a different airline, the attendant said they don't give out those straps anymore because it's not safe. They've tested it. So I just held him in my arms, and because there was no leg room, he couldn't slip down between our legs anyways.

All of this mostly just serves to make me more anxious.

I was so itchy and the new ointment wasn't cutting it so I took a Benadryl just before we flew. It occurs to me now that it was the non-drowsy formulation, so likely had some stimulants in it, and stimulants are probably not the best thing before this nervous flyer is launched into the air. I cried during takeoff, I felt so scared. I think it was the Benadryl. So the flight was mostly fine; Swee'pea fell asleep right after takeoff and didn't wake up until we were safely back on the ground. But there was some turbulence when we encountered some high clouds, and I did feel very very anxious. Nevertheless, I enjoyed having a window seat for once, and found the last few minutes before landing exhilerating.

So... we're here in Joburg, staying with Auntie J. They have a beautiful big old sort of 1920's house, all on one floor, which is great for Swee'pea. He's having a blast. And there are all kinds of authentic art deco light fixtures and door knobs that I just love. It's a really comfortable house, tidy but homey, with just enough clutter to make me feel at home. And Auntie J and Uncle R are suitably keen on Swee'pea.

With all this heat, we've been giving Swee'pea lots of cool baths and dips in pools. He loves it. He's really living up to his astrological sign (Aquarians ARE water babies, right?). After his early months of absolutely hating the bath, it's a real pleasure to watch him splash and smile and giggle.

Oh -- and another plus to staying here is that they work from home and so have TWO computers, both with a high speed connection. Yippee!


So here's the weird guy in the back of the truck:

tanned guy flexing his muscles

blue jeans on a blue wall


And a couple of treats from the Bo Kaap... lurid, eh? I LOVED it!

There are more pics on my flickr page, though it's annoying uploading from cd so I may just wait till we're home. Also if I post all my Bo Kaap pictures now, everything else will be a disappointment. So I'm being strategic.

Anyways, today we took Swee'pea to the zoo, which he didn't enjoy as much as the aquarium. I think it was hard for him to see the animals when he didn't really know what he was looking at. It's also hot here, and right now he is taking a nap with Sugar Daddy. Tomorrow we're being 'fetched' in the morning to go to Pilanesberg Game Reserve, which I'm told will be even hotter than Cape Town or Joburg. I hope they have air conditioning. We're still miserable with mosquito bites, and there are still mosquitoes here, which seem to have a nose for us, and leave the rest of the family. I think Swee'pea is also teething, so last night was rough.

I keep thinking about things I want to say on my blog but the heat is melting my brain and I can't remember when I get in front of the computer. Until I remember, I guess that's it...

ps - these are all images from Cape Town. I haven't shot much here yet.


Mad Hatter said...

Great pictures, Sin. I can't wait to see more. And that pic of Swee'pea is clear evidence that you have been vigilent in you application of sun screen.

Miss M is an Aquarian as well. Puh! She's terrified of any water that isn't in a bathtub or mud puddle.

Anonymous said...

love love love your photos! hope you're all having a good time. it's-18 C here today, so enjoy the heat!
cheers, tara & adrian

mamatulip said...

That picture of Swee'pea is AWESOME!

Suz said...

What a great picture of Swee'pea! I've flow several times with the boys as lap babies and have never had anyone give me an extra strap, so your flight attendant might have been right. Love the photos!

NotSoSage said...

Mme L, also an Aquarian, is not at all a fan of water...but I'm getting hopeful. I managed last week to get her to both lay on her back AND lay on her front in the bath. I'm thinking it might be time to try the pool again.

And every time I've flown I've been told to hold her in the "burping position' for take-off and strap.

LOVE the photos! Yay for high speed!

penelopeto said...

Gorgeous pictures! Keep 'em coming.

It sounds like you did indeed get some strange advice on your first flight - we've flown roundtrip 3 times with bee, and on all 3 (6) flights, we were told to hold her snugly in a 'high burp,' or over-the-shoulder posture. the only exception they allowed was on our first flight, when at 6 months, i breastfed her during takeoff and landing because i was worried about her ears.

Mimi said...

I've flown twice with Miss Baby--"burping position" twice, and sternly warned against seatbelt sharing. Huh.

I'm so glad you captured truck-guy on camera. That was such a weird story!

Ihope you can take some downers for your next flight, and that you bug bites get better.

ewe are here said...

Fantastic colors!

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, the pictures are marvelous! I love the blue one with the jeans hanging--simply great shot.

I get incredibly anxious with turbulence, too--really anxious--so you're not alone!

Heather said...

I'm loving reading about your travels and the gorgeous photos.

Alpha Dogma said...

Love the photos. Just what I needed to see on a bland grey sky, -15 degree day in dreary old Canada.

I'm a bug magnet too. They swarm about me and ignore everyone else. I feel it is a public service. People should thank me for being the human sacrifice that appeases the swarms of bugs. No one ever does. Ingrates.

cinnamon gurl said...

So I guess the bottom line is that it doesn't really matter what we do with Swee'pea on the plane...