Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Our house is really hot... like 30 degrees at 10 in the morning hot. Our bedroom is slightly cooler but still disgustingly sticky. Ezra's room is too hot for him to sleep in. So he's taking his nap on our bed for the first time. I have the monitor turned up full blast and it's sitting on the bed with him so I'm hoping he won't roll off. I'm taking the opportunity to surf my favourite blog (I've only been checking out blogs for a few days so there hasn't been much competition for favourite blog. The decision to start my own came out of the blue and was super easy to implement. Anyways back to my new favourite blog): Mothering on the Edge: http://motheringedge.blogspot.com.

All my principles have gone out the window since becoming a mother. I didn't used to want central air but with Ezra overheating (and me too since I'm home all day), we have succumbed and are scheduled to have it installed on Thursday. Luckily or unluckily, that is the day this heat wave is scheduled to break.

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