Friday, August 25, 2006

Ezra Jack: 6 1/2 months

So Ezra is over 6 1/2 months and my mat leave is already well past the halfway mark. (Ok well that picture was actually taken the end of June but it's just so cute!) On the one hand, I really can't believe how quickly the time has past but on the other, when I see newborns, I can't believe Ezra was ever that small. I think this is the maternal amnesia.

So what is Ezra doing? Well, he's crawling of a sort and has been for a month and a half I'm sure (yep this picture was taken July 10). Just in the last week or so he's mastered turning on a dime so that turning him away from something he shouldn't be touching doesn't get him sidetracked. He simly turns himself around, more determined than ever, and heads right back to the same thing. The most intriguing thing for him that we'd rather he not get too acquainted with is the digital cable box. Obviously we'll need to move this out of his reach very soon.

While we were at the cottage he mastered rolling onto his back intentionally. It started by accident, when he was reaching up to touch his plastic car thing and lost his balance and fell onto his back. As always, he was determined to keep touching the car and he kept falling onto his back. Soon he decided it was fun to roll onto his back so now he just puts his arm up and waits for gravity to takes it course. Also at the cottage, he sat without bracing himself with his arms.

We started solids when we returned from the cottage. He seems to enjoy the rice cereal and some butternut squash we made for him. I also tried him with a jar of peaches but it didn't agree with him. Also, for the last few days his tummy seems to have been upset. Maybe it was the banana I gave him on Wednesday morning but I think he was spitting up a bit more than usual on Tuesday night so I'm inclined to think he's picked up a bug along with everything else he puts in his mouth. So I've slowed down on the solids, figuring maybe his tummy needs a break. He's been a bit grumbly and slightly out of sorts too and not sleeping well at all. So maybe he's teething, maybe it's some developmental thing, who knows. Perhaps all will become clear over the next few weeks.

In general, he seems very active, strong and happy. Personally, I'm hoping a tooth or two will pop through soon and he'll go back to being even happier.

The idea of returning to work doesn't seem quite as horrific as it did three months ago but I still haven't done a thing on the daycare front. I really must get started on that.

On another front, Dave just put up this funky little spiral down the side last night and I really like it. Ezra needs attention now so must sign off.

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