Wednesday, August 15, 2007

more fragments

I'm cautiously optimistic that soon I may be able to poke my head up and look around soon. In the meantime, I offer a few more fragments...

more good things:

  1. pale gold sunbeams escaping through an arc of glowing pink gaps in silvery blue clouds this morning; it made me stop my bicycle and just look for a few seconds before continuing on my way over the covered bridge
  2. the begging bear in front of the art gallery glammed out in a royal purple blazer and matching feather boa, further accessorized with a big gold pimpin' necklace
  3. having a real lead on possible daycare for September -- stay tuned for more next week
  4. three nights of SYTYCD this week!

not so good things:

  1. the woman selling rose of sharon babies (many, many babies), which I've read are invasive and threatening some native plant communities, at the farmer's market last weekend (that said, they are not on the Ontario Society for Ecological Restoration's list of most dangerous invasives)
  2. Pasha getting voted off SYTYCD
  3. getting left in the dust of some super-powered go-go-gadget cyclist hopped up on coke going up the Big Hill

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