Thursday, June 21, 2007

See ya!

We're heading out for a visit with the grandparents, so won't be around this weekend. But I saw this at Niobe's place and had to play. You just do a google search on "your name needs" and pick the first ten results. There were no results for "cinnamon gurl needs" so I changed the spelling to girl... don't try to replicate these results because I got a bit fast and loose with my name:

cinnamon gurl needs a cold shower
cinnamon gurl needs a name
cinnamon gurl needs are anticipated by our Mocha Moms (I think they missed an apostrophe)
cinnamon gurl needs to be on there
cinnamon gurl needs some sugar
cinnamon gurl needs a family (whatEVer)
cinnamon gurl needs a new home (not right now, thanks)
cinnamon gurl needs a lot of prayers
cinnamon gurl needs no introduction

And last night's SYTYCD results? Crazy! But I can't say I'm disappointed... Cedric is so sweet and his solo rocked. What did you think?


bubandpie said...

A missing apostrophe! That's just so perfect.

(Once again, though, I am stymied by my lack of a proper bloggy pseudonym. I don't think I'll find much if I search "bubandpie needs..."

NotSoSage said...

Someone beat me to it! I saw something like this on facebook and I thought 'I should start a bloggy meme where people do this with their blog names'. But, as bubandpie notes, I figured that there would be some blog names that might come up short.

cinnamon gurl needs no introduction, indeed.

Have a great trip!

Christine said...

According to the name thing I need a personal assistant.

SYTYCD--I was so sad to see Jimmy go. I see why they kept Cedric and I like him, but Jimmy was so good. I loved the step routine. I am not sad to see Faina go, though.

mamatulip said...

I like the last one best. ;)