Thursday, June 14, 2007

I think I can WATCH dance

I am loving this season's dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. Hok is by far my number one fave -- I've been waiting for him ever since he didn't have the paperwork to participate last season. But I'm keen on his partner... I just don't think she'll help and they didn't seem to have much chemistry.

I also really like Sara, the B-girl, and Jesus, the guy whose community has funded his entire dance career. I think their performance, to one of the songs from the Triplettes of Belleville, was my favourite of the night, but then I LOVED the Triplettes of Belleville.

(Plus, I'm a sucker for stripey socks...)

Mostly, the only person I really don't like is the creepy modern dancer who's Mia's favourite male dancer in the competition (did she not notice that he's creepy?), the one with the leggy partner who positively dwarfs him. I hope he goes home. But I don't want Hok's partner to go home yet because he'd be the one getting dwarfed by the leggy one.

Who are your favourite dancers this season? Favourite numbers last night?

(Just went to fox's website and see they're taking a poll: "what's the best style dance: contemporary, lyrical or jazz?" Yuck! How about none of the above?)


kgirl said...

I'm totally with you on Hok and the b-girl. I also like Sabra, but maybe I just like her hair. All the contemporary dancers, including the creepy one, can hit the bricks. Mia too - her botox is creepy.

Christine said...

Hok is my favorite, too. And, yes, Mia told that dude he was "odd" when they were in Las Vegas.

Beck said...

Hok is so my favorite dancer, too! I like Sabra, Sarah and... oh, now I forget my other favorite's name. But I LOOOOVE that show.

Julie Pippert said...

I was so surprised by Sabra, who got no attention to my recollection in the auditions and she was really good. Sarah was good too; I loved that Wade Robson routine too.

I admit I like the contemporary.

Oh and Lacey exceeded my expecatations, as did Danny, while Ashlee and Ricky fell short.

However, WOW, this might be the best season yet. There were not any really clear, oh yeah they've got to GO ones. I thought they were setting up to ditch Faina and that other guy, but maybe not.

Tonight should be interesting!

Karen said...

I heart Hok.

metro mama said...

He is soo creepy. Good riddance!