Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I think I'm having a mid-blog crisis. Don't worry. I'm not about to buy a red convertible and drive into the sunset with a younger blog. But that running blog post that's been in my mind since last August, that stream of words that I just wait and see what's left in my memory when I sit down at the computer, is absent. Is it because:

a) I've been so busy at work I've even been working on my days off?
b) Sugar D has finally admitted his twin addiction to Lost and any of Swee'pea's sleep time is taken up with fixes?
c) I've been reading On Writing Well, which has lots of great tips, but now that I'm reading the section about writing about places, I'm feeling a bit stifled knowing that I'm really not that good of a writer?
d) Swee'pea seems to be back to his happy self after three weeks of monster-child and it's actually fun to be with him again?
e) all of the above?

Oh except for all the fluffy seedpuffs that were floating in the hot, barely moving, dripping with humidity air on Saturday afternoon. I really wanted to write about those puffs but can't seem to find any context to put them in.

In other news, our tub is draining v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w.l.y. so that if you're having a shower, your feet and ankles are actually having a bubble bath, and I'm wondering if perhaps I should call that young plumber with his big snake. The fact that Sugar D is home every day now could throw a bit of a wrench into the works though.

Today is the first day of our Summer of Love. So far we have no plans for action beyond walking to the drugstore for shampoo. Sugar D says it's not nice enough weather to go to the Big Smoke, that it might rain. I'm worried this may be setting a precedent.

Oh -- and anyone have any suggestions for how to go hiking with a 30-pound 16-month-old? I think he's too heavy to walk with him in the sling for any length of time and I don't want to buy a backpack. I also don't want to let him walk by himself because it would take us two hours to cover half a kilometre. Is hiking just not an option for a while? Should we just stick to the well-groomed trails? Or is there something I haven't considered?


Christine said...

No suggestion for the hike other than a pack pack, which is super heavy.

Young plumber with big snake--hehe.

Try a little bleach in the drain overnight before calling him though. Tends to work for us.

Yes, you are that good of a writer.

Oh, those little white puffs. I was spitting them out during a run the other day and looked a little like i was tarred and feathered by the time i got home.

Mad Hatter said...

I remember you having a bit of a writer's blip either during or just after NOWBLOWME. As I recall it cleared up in no time flat.

Her Bad Mother said...

The muse, sometimes she just don't come. I have this experience more often than I'd like. I usually do what you've just done - write about not-writing. She always returns. She will for you, too.

And, you are that good a writer.

Mary G said...

How about one of those three wheeled strollers? My granddaughter was taken almost everywhere in one for a couple of years -- up hills, on ice, through mud,and it kept going, rust on the wheels notwithstanding.
No a backpack for a 30 pounder is not an option. I had both -- the backpack and the heavy rug rat, I mean -- and I have a compressed spine now.
Love the plumber sideswipe. You think he might be good for writers' block? You are a really good writer! Are too.

Kyla said...

Perhaps a mei tai would work for hiking? You can wear it on your back, it can hold a toddler's weight, and it isn't massive like a backpack.

Writing about not writing is a good strategy, because at least you are writing something. I have to do it all the time. I'm alway thankful to be tagged for a meme when I can't think of any words worth writing.

no name said...

I guess it depends on what kind of trails? For those with roots, rocks and cliffs, I have to admit that for safety, we went for (gasp) the leash - she had a harness on that let her explore on her own without fear of a huge fall. You just have to learn to walk very slowly on hikes for the next few years...they are more like exploratory excursions than actual 'hikes'.
Any particular reason why no back-pack? Regan loved hers - I found it heavy, but Jules handled it fine. Of course, soon enough, a toddler will want to walk along themselves anyways....boots protect ankles and provide more stability than shoes.

Mimi said...

weird. i've been feeling weirdly blogged out lately, too, but it seems finally to be passing.

if the writing books are keeping you from writing? throw them out. you can trust me. i'm a professional .. oh wait, so are you.

can you send your cute plumber to my place? my dishwasher is running 'dry' this week ...

NotSoSage said...

As has been said: you are that good a writer.

Because there is a three storey building on the south end of our back yard, our yard is the last stop for thousands of those tiny seed puffs. There's at least one morning a year that it looks like it's snowed.

We put our 30-pounder in a backpack for a short hike, but if you don't want the expense, I can only imagine that a mei tai (as Kyla mentions) might be the best carrying option.

Crawford Lake (on Guelph Line, south of the 401) has a short walk around the lake that is almost all boardwalk and might be the best option for a toddler. We went a few weekends ago and it was great fun.

slouching mom said...

at least you finally got to write about the fluffy seedpuffs.


Matthew M. F. Miller said...

Don't sweat it - sometimes, you just need a break to recharge the batteries. Even the best writers need a day off.

Glad your little one is behaving again!

nomotherearth said...

Only writers get writer's block. Keep that in mind.

Bon said...

i think you said all the things i've been thinking about my own blog - erm, okay, my life - for the past thirty-six hours or so. it comes, it goes. i get distracted. i go flat.

then it all comes back and if ind a narrative thread to pick up.

and i love reading your writing, btw. just so you know.

the hiking? no clue. three months and five pounds behind you on the babyfront, and lazy. :)