Thursday, May 03, 2007


I won't tell you where the bathroom was that I saw this in, because I don't want to get dooced.

But, seriously?

1. From William Safire's Fumblerules: No sentence fragments. (Along with my fave, "I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, avoid hyperbole.")

2. "Complaints relative to hygiene"? What's wrong with "about"? Has it gone out of fashion?

3. Are they monitoring cleanliness from closed circuit televisions?!? Why do they even need this sign in the first place?


Mouse said...

There's a sign in our building explaining that we now need our little transmitter to get back into the building from the trash room. It is spaced oddly and one of the lines that is emphasized and bolded says "You're FOB." I feel vaguely like I should take offense.

(Not exactly on topic, but this reminded me that you might appreciate it.)

Beck said...

At our SCHOOL LITERACY BOOK FAIR tonight, my husband pointed out the following notice to me:
"The boxes have been discounted to $5 on account of the white paint is hard."

slouching mom said...

I love this.

Especially this line: "We are monitoring the cleanliness of the washroom."

I assume that management is unhappy because workers are not washing their hands. Is that right?

If so, management should be monitoring people, not bathrooms. The last time I checked, people may be hygienic or not, but bathrooms may only be clean or dirty.

Mad Hatter said...

Would it kill them to actually clean the washroom instead of just monitoring its cleanliness?

The best bathroom signage slip up I've ever heard is this. My firend Louise went to a resort in the Dominican Republic. The washrooms had bags for discarding sanitary napkins. The bags were labelled "SANITY BAG." Seriously. She brought back a bunch to share with her friends who clearly needed to keep their sanity in a bag.

Denguy said...

You know, I monitor the cleanliness of my washroom relative to hygiene.