Friday, February 23, 2007

The Thinkers

Two Thinkers

Wow. Mad just listed me for a Thinking Blogger Award. Which is pretty cool considering that when I first saw the words Thinking Blogger Award at Bubandpie's, my first thought was of the Mad Hatter, and I was pleased to see her on Bubandpie's list.

I must say, I'm pretty stoked that Mad thought of me, now that I've gotten over my initial reaction that she can't REALLY find me thought-provoking, she's just being nice because I'm so sleep-deprived and have been whining about it. I think that response is natural, when you're nominated by someone whose every single post is not only packed with thought-provoking substance and librarian humour, but topped with a clever, witty title. EVERY SINGLE POST, folks. If I can get a little bit of thought into my posts, there's none left over for a clever title.

Anyways, it's really lovely to have been listed among some of my favourite bloggers. Thanks, Mad.

Now I have to share five more thinking bloggers.

The Mouse's Nest
: Mouse has a Global Warming Wednesday series, which has been getting me thinking, but what has really stayed with me is this post about marriage. I've always been sold on the idea of same sex marriage, but have never really thought about exactly why it's important until I read this post.

World of One Thousand Things: The name says it all really. Aliki2006 writes about all kinds of things with stunning prose: overheard conversations, her students, her children, her memories, travelling... today, her post about her children's sleep literally brought a tear to my eye.

Jen, of One Plus Two, often makes me think, especially about social justice. I especially love her stories about the people she meets in her job. I think it's important that the homeless don't become faceless. And the Just Posts that she and Mad have started provide excellent food for thought, and Jen's recent Just Post about AIDS in South Africa shared numbers I didn't know, despite the fact that I was just there. The reduced life expectancy is especially horrifying.

Lately I've also been getting into Written Inc. Each post (except for today, which has only words about a loved one who has recently passed) showcases one of the blogger's photos and his thoughts about the subject, or the circumstances, or his motivations for shooting. Each post ends with a thought-provoking question to the reader.

I've also really been enjoying Mimi on the Breach's writing on life her with Miss Baby, Pynchon, and a busy career, I think because her life seems quite different from mine (#1 because her baby sleeps), despite the over arching similarities.


Mad Hatter said...

Who needs clever titles when you have clever photos? Would that be two thinkers thinking in that picture?

Great choices Sin and there are a couple listed here that I don't know. I'll check them out after I get the girl to bed tonight.

Beck said...

Arrrg! I was going to nominate Mimi! You beat me to it!
Congratulations, by the way - you ARE a smart writer!

Aliki2006 said...

Wow, c.g. I'm flattered and so touched...especially because many of your posts are so thought-provoking for me. When you were in S.A.I honestly had so many vivid images rolling around in my head from your descriptions and I thought so much about the pictures you posted.

NotSoSage said...

Goodness, so much to keep me entertained! I'm secretly cursing the blogosphere for having this post come around on a day when I'm at home supposedly working on my thesis.

Must. exert. self-control.

But thanks for pointing me in these folks' directions. More yummy food for thought.

bubandpie said...

Yay, yay, yay, yay! Lots of my favourites here - and one new one for me to check out. I'm really enjoying this. Picking five was kind of excruciating, but now you and Mad are handing out the bling to all the bloggers I wanted to include and couldn't.

Heather said...

Love, love love that photo. (and cheers on the award!)

Heather said...

... er nomination. :P

jen said...

ah. wow. just getting back into the swing of this my tag?

you are so wise. kind. and I was so happy to see Mad giving you the nod, so greatly deserved, Sin.

your photos, as always...stun me.