Monday, February 19, 2007


Warning: VERY BORING POST AHEAD... sorry!

Well, we accomplished quite a bit this weekend, given that Sugar Daddy and I are coming down with Swee'pea's illness, and Swee'pea is still pretty miserable.

Things we accomplished:
  1. threw out tupperware lids that didn't have containers and containers that didn't have lids.
  2. threw out old ripped Celtic bedspread that we haven't used in four or five years, but which was the very first joint purchase Sugar Daddy and I ever made. We even discussed what would happen to it in the event of a breakup before we bought it...
  3. organized spare room closet, which allowed me to put spare sheets in the closet instead of the dresser whose drawers fall out, which will eventually be put on the curb for a university student.
  4. took box spring out of spare room and put it back under our mattress... happily Swee'pea demonstrated immediately that he knows exactly how to get off a higher bed safely (feet first).
  5. sorted through some of the junk/jewellry in the spare room, putting keepers into pretty boxes on the new shelves in the newly organized closet
  6. threw out like two dozen old Alive magazines, as I haven't referenced them in more than a year; am contemplating tossing the year's subscription my sister gave me of House and Home but think I'll keep them for whenever we get our bathroom gutted.
  7. packed up Swee'pea's baby clothes and receiving blankets that we don't use anymore
  8. re-arranged his furniture, which isn't finished yet (the desk in his room needs to go where the dresser whose drawers fall out is in the spare room so his dresser can go where the desk is)
  9. watched season premier of Amazing Race - All Stars, and was sorry to see Jill and John Vito (who I call Jill Vito and John in my head)... would much rather have seen Charla and Mirna go.
  10. moved clean spare duvets and covers, which our cat had previously been shedding on, from the jolly jumper to the "Space Bag," which was supposed to make them into a compact rectangle, but in fact just made a strange, hard, plastic mini-mountain that I don't know where to put. I think I may try again when I summon the energy.
unsuccessful "Space Bag" attempt

(yes I know that's an ugly duvet cover... I went to university in the nineties! But it still works...

Things we didn't accomplish:
  1. didn't buy a new stove
  2. didn't put up baby gates on the stairs, despite the fact that yesterday Swee'pea climbed all the way to the top -- three times! -- in something like 30 seconds flat. The only way the gate can be attached leaves a 5-inch gap at the bottom, and the instructions say not to leave more than a 3-inch gap. It does look like an ambitious baby could crawl underneath a 5-inch gap... thoughts?
  3. didn't put away clean folded clothes
  4. didn't put a lock on the spare room door so that the cat will stop puking and shedding in there
I have just over a week to finish the two rooms I started, and tackle the dining room, kitchen and computer tables, front hall shelf, and the laundry room...

* * *

In other news, I took Swee'pea to his daycare this morning, hung out with him for an hour or so, then left him for ten minutes. He was fine. Not sure if I mentioned this already last week but I LOVE my daycare provider. I love the way she interacts with the kids (with kindness, patience and respect, but still firm -- it will be a good counterpoint to my less patient ways), and I love what she feeds them. I love that she makes sure they get outside every day. And Swee'pea likes it there too.

PS What can we do with our four jars of change, mostly pennies? And what do you do with your bank statements and pay stubs? Keep them? Toss them, ripped? Shred them?


NotSoSage said...

Are there any grocery stores in Guelph with machines that organise your change? I think if you want cash back, it takes a cut of ten percent, but if you use it for store credit, you get all of it. It's not bad (better, anyway, than rolling it all yourself).

I keep statements for a year and pay stubs forever (I don't know why, but I know of so many artists who have been audited, I live in great fear of the same). We don't have a shredder, so I just rip the statements up into tiny pieces.

I'm glad that you found a good daycare. It's such a hard thing to leave your kid to their care, it makes it easier when you're confident with the care they'll receive.

Mimi said...

Ha! love the duvet mountain. It sure sounds like you're getting a lot done.

I'm with Sage: there are at least two grocery stores here with cash-sorting machines, and I plan to avail myself soon. Also, I too keep stmts for a year, and I keep paystubs until I get my t4's. And I rip into tiny pieces, too.

Sounds like you are having 'Reverse Nesting': are you getting everything organized to get ready for your new life as Working Mom? You must be getting kind of excited.

sewfunky said...

if you go to ultramart there is a machine by the wine counter where you cant dump all your change and it gives you a slip of paper minus the % that they take and you use it to pay for your groceries there:)

Aliki2006 said...

We take our change to those machines that then give you nills in exchange for all the coinage.

Well done with the sorting! And I'm so glad Swee'pea is happy with his daycare--what a relief!

Aliki2006 said...

Give you bills, not nills.

Beck said...

I just save my pennies and let my kids dump them into the CNIB dog. (you know, the plaster one?)
That reminds me that I have to clean bedrooms and put away clothes tomorrow. Dammit.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I can't believe no one asked you to come over to their house and organize, etc.

I have some tupperware issues, and a couple of closets for to organize (I read the post and thought you did so well)