Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more random pics and bits

elephant at waal street

Oh dear. I'm not doing so well on the organizing front.I put some clean towels into a new basket-like thing, instead of the bare pine shelf so now you see canvas basket-like things instead of a mass of towels. In doing so, I discovered some kind of air pump thing for an aquarium. We have never ever had an aquarium, not even before we met each other. So it's something of a mystery how it came to be in our house, and how it made it through several "editing" purges. It remains on top of the towel shelf, because I don't know what to do with it. I need to start a donation box.

I also transferred some mementos from dusty old shoeboxes to pretty striped boxes. But that was about it, apart from bringing things out from not very hiding places and putting them on the living room floor in anticipation of more organization, which never happened. I couldn't even make it through House.

Today is the day our cleaning woman comes for two hours and cleans our kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallway. So I took the stuff I need to organize and dumped it in the laundry or on top of the growing pile on the dining room table. I am totally not exaggerating. The clean laundry remains hanging on the jolly jumper, which is still in one piece in the dining room. Of course, I use the term dining room loosely because the table is pushed up against the window and holds our broken cd player which can still play music when it's hooked up to the computer, which is next to the window.

In South Africa, I think maids get paid for a day about what we pay for an hour. Also not an exaggeration. Of course, I realize this is not a good thing for the maids in South Africa, but boy, we stayed in some clean houses with well-ironed clothes.


This is Bridget, Stepsister's new maid, who I couldn't take my eyes off, she was so stunning. She doesn't speak English very well yet, but she enjoyed my cake. What does it say about me that I won't share photos of family members online but I will share photos of their staff?

Also, little Swee'pea is sick... he had a fever yesterday and last night, a nasty barking cough, and a pathetically hoarse and screechy voice every time he woke up crying last night -- about every hour. Also not an exaggeration, because I looked at the clock in frustration EVERY time.

hug near bookstore


Aliki2006 said...

More lovely pictures...especially the one of you stepsister's maid.

Keep them coming! And good luck on the home organization front--heaven knows it's a struggle.

Oh, The Joys said...

You're on a roll now... I've been stalking...waiting!!

Nancy said...

Wow, Bridget certainly is stunning.

I'm finally making it over to catch up on the news and pictures -- so you'll probably see me commenting a whole bunch of times in a row. ;-)

Beck said...

The photo of your stepsister's maid was gorgeous. I desperately need a cleaning woman myself, and it is not going to happen. Sadly.
I've been organizing like mad here, too. Sorry your little guy is sick - I think we have the same thing.

penelopeto said...

if you can sustain the steps you've already made, and add a few improvements each week, you should be totally organized in no time - maybe 10 years? i only say so because i am on the same schedule. at least your kitchen and bathroom are clean. i'm my own cleaning lady, and i suck.

hope swee'pea feels better soon.

Her Bad Mother said...

Bridget *redefines* stunning. And so perfect to have captured her (!) in sepia - the shadows cast by her cheekbones, the curve of her head. Like a statue, with soul. Stunning.

Mimi said...

your photography inspires me. beautiful!

and the organizing ... is ... a ... process ... of ... baby steps, non?

I'm wishing naps to Swee'pea on your behalf.

NotSoSage said...

I was so uncomfortable with the whole maid system when I was in South Africa. We'd never had hired help in any way while I was growing up, so I didn't know how to respond or treat people. But I will say that I'd never had my whites bleached whiter; it converted me to clotheslines.

I hope that Swee'pea feels better soon. We folded all the clothes in our room last night and we now have a loveseat again! Now there's a metaphor for Valentine's Day.

mamatulip said...

Your photographs are amazing. You have a great eye.